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Differentiate workflow tasks in Tasks table


Differentiate workflow tasks in Tasks table

We are about to receive some content for which I'd like to re-use our existing workflow templates. The content is the same, but needs different priority. We are already using the existing workflow priorities.


When viewing the task table, I'd like to be able to differentiate this new content. How can I achieve this?

- Can I create more priority items, 6, 7, 8 etc

- I'm not able to add, e.g. Process Name in the Task Table. If we initiate a wf and give it a unique name, we could identify it in the task table. But it doesn't allow me to add Process object type in the Table view for tasks.

- I don't want to have to recreate my wf module with a bunch of different names. Unless that's my only option.


Any suggestions out there?



Is this what you are looking for - ?

With Windchill 10.2 M030 onward you can add alias attributes to the WorkItem from the PBO.  You can then show these alias attributes in the table for additional information.


You can find information here:


An example can be seen in this video

Oh I like this idea. So, if I understand correctly, I can create an alias of an existing custom attribute from my custom primary object type? Is that correct?

If so, how do you figure out the mapping with the @ and ^ etc.


I'm assuming in Work Item attributes, I create an alias attribute from an existing custom attribute?


so my mapping could look like:




Sorry for all the questions, but, is it only for Change Notice/Order Number. Can you create an alias from an attribute on the PBO, e.g. EPM Document?

This can be for any PBO type.  The examples were change as that is a very common PBO, but there are not restrictions.

I just realized that this will not work. We start our workflows on a map document that references 3 other dita documents. The meta/attributes are on the referenced files. Therefore, displaying that in the task table would not work because the PBO of the workflow is the map.


I think I'm back to whether or not I can add more priorities, e.g. 6, 7, 8, 9



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