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Document Expiration Date


Document Expiration Date

Does anyone how if there is a way to add an expiration date to a document loaded in Windchill? We have product documentation that must be reviewed every three years from time of release and would like the document owner notified as the expiration date approaches.


Document Expiration Date

You can use a workflow and a timer robot to accomplish this. The downside is you now have a running workflow for 3 years, this could have an effect on system performance. Not an ideal solution, but it can work.

Document Expiration Date

Another solution would be to add an attribute to a document, run a
report on a schedule - get those that are within a period of the report
and notify the doc owner.

Document Expiration Date

Thank to both of you for your quick response.

We had thought about the workflow timer but were concerned with have a lot of workflows setting out there running for such a long period of time.

With the attribute-report option, is it possible to have the report generate automatically at a specified interval and then be sent to a distribution list? We are currently using 9.1 M060 with the basic out-of-the box reporting tool, not Cognos.


Document Expiration Date

Hello Von

one should nail down the exact context of "expiry date". When an author
creates a document, there are more than one dates managed in Windchill.

Date the document (meta data) is created

Date the file(Primary content) is uploaded.

Date the document is further updated.

Date the document is released.

If I am right, from the auditing purpose, the date the document is released
should be considered for expiry date.

If you dont want to over load the system with a timer robot, one can create
a schedule job (Windows/Unix) and check the lifecycle history for the
release date and notify the authors regarding the expiry information. The
schedule job can be executed once in a month for all the documents that will
expire during that month.

Hope this helps.

Thank you and have a great time.

Best Regards

Swamy Senthil

Principal Solutions Architect, Swasen Inc; 909 800 8423(M); 973 324 2729(W); 866
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