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Download ProE files


Download ProE files

Hi all,

Hopefully this is an easy question. In 9.1 M050 when I selected download conten it allowed me to download the ProE models directly. We upgraded to 9.1 M060 and now when I select to download content it downloads the pha file which can open directly in ProE but it won't allow me to save the file directly as a native ProE file as before. I thought it was maybe a preference but I haven't been able to find it yet. Anybody have any ideas?




Download ProE files


This was done by PTC to help control the content. We put a ticket it and got this straight from PTC. We were not real happy with hearing this as there are many times we just wanted the content without having to open it up in the tool, back it up and so on. I would like to know if anyone else is not happy with this change and maybe we can get it reverted back to pre-9.1 M060 functionality, or at least get it as a preference.


Download ProE files

I would caution you against downloading ProE files directly from PDMLink without using a linked workspace in ProE.

Here's the problem. You check in a file, it goes through a release process and becomes a released file. (Our drawings show the state of the file in PDMlink on the format.) What has happened in the data base is some meta-data has been changed indicating the state of the file. However, the ProE file has not been changed at all. If you download the file without using a linked workspace, the parameters in the file never get updated with the new state and version. So if you compare the state/version with what the database shows, you will get a mismatch even though the file is "the same". A recipe for confusion.

David Haigh

Download ProE files

Do not forget about rename events. The relations internal to the file
get altered as the file is coming out to the workspace.


Download ProE files


After reading your Email on Download ProE files, I had the Etrage
Development group check Plot Service for Windchill (PSW) with Windchill 9.1
M060 for your issue.

They advise me that PSW does download models from Windchill and updates the
parameters with the new state and version. PSW can do this in three
operating modes.

1. The first is to automatically monitor Windchill and process objects
when there has been a Lifecycle or Revision change or at Check-in.

2. The second is a batch mode where PSW will process all models
identified in a text file list.

3. The third is through an On-Demand mode where a user can search for
models and execute requests in Windchill for required drawings, parts or

PSW is available for evaluation in your environment or I can arrange a Web
demonstration for you.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Best Regards,

Ron Zabilski

Director of Sales & Marketing

Etrage LLC


RE: Download ProE files

I do know that has developed the download tool that uses the classes of the collector to gather all your ProE files based on a configuration to place them all in a zipped folder called ProE. I beleive that Psion Teklogix Inc. uses this tool. You can either select actions of the object or the top table report for either part or EPM. For wtpart, it would create folders of each part and place the WTDocuments in that folder. All ProE files would be placed in a global ProE folder. The entire package would be zipped up so you can pull it all out of Windchill. It was also based on your access controls of the information.


Download ProE files


We have a product that does this very easily and it uses all of the proe
components silently.

Timothy J. Weatherford
TWeatherford, Inc.
3148 Beach Blvd
Cicero, IN 46034
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866 936-2756 x 301
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RE: Download ProE files

Tyler is right on the moneythat PTC removed this at M060 and I believe the main reason is what David mentioned about the issuesthat happenwhen a workspace is not used. Customers that were using this old functionalityto get AutoCAD files that had no references are really out of luck since these files were not impacted when a workspace was not used.

You can check out linkAccess from Fishbowl to do this and more. linkAccess can work in several ways...Trigger mode, Web Interactive, Batch, and more.

It is a great application to allow departments like purchasing to easily and securely access files in the format they want when they want them...and they don't have to bother engineering.


Best regards,

Rick Passolt

Download ProE files

Okay, I'll be more blunt on this one. J This also affect users of
CATIA.and other WGM's.

Hey PTC, I know you are watching, seems to me like you are colluding with
partners so customers have to pay more for what they are supposed to do out
of the box?!?!?

Instead of fixing the problem in the first place, let's make it more
difficult for people to do their job so that the employees supporting the
tool have to hear more crap from engineering and manufacturing!! Why not
practice some good CRM and make a flexible fix? i.e. install this patch if
this concerns you and in future releases we'll improve the built in

Gee, it makes perfect sense to me to say hey, they are not downloading in a
workspace, they are not a designer, they are only downloading. How about
apply a fix that to this problem that says if it's a released object, or in
a list of lifecycle states specified as a PREFERENCE, let us download it

Let the customer choose when this issue really matters?

Personally, (because I know how) , am just going to restore the M050
functionality to M060. Problem solved. In fact, might just be easier to
explain it to those who want it back. Or, we could make decisions like with
Microsoft Windows.stick to XP, bypass Vista, and goto Windows 7 (M050 and
not go to M060 in this case)

Whoever made such a dumb decision to take away functionality like this so
quietly without providing some kind of preference or elicit feedback should
explain themselves!!!


RE: Download ProE files


We use the download of the native Pro-e files to work with Esprit milling/turning. We are also not happy that this function got changed.

Bernard Wielfaert
LVD Company nv