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Exporting PDF's from PDMLink


Exporting PDF's from PDMLink


We have PDMLink setup so the drawings are published as PDF's instead of ProductView files. Now we would like to export all PDF's to harddrive. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

I have tried the Import/Export utillity and also Export from workspace without success (the PDF's are not included in the export).

PDMLink 9.1 and Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

Best Regards,

Hans Berg


Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

You can go to the details page>representations list and select save representation. It will save it down as a zip file which has the published PDF.

Some people just open in PV and print to PDF using cutePDF or something...seems redundant though.

Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

I think Hans wants to gather all content though, and not one specific PDF. I'd love to offer help but that's one area of Windchill I haven't had any experience with yet.

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Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

You could use Pro/Toolkit and a list to run the desired objects through Pro/e and output to a folder.

Etrage has a tool that will also dump out PDF's amongst other things. You can set it to dump based on lifecycle state too.

Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

Create a package with all the drawings and then download the package.

Exporting PDF's from PDMLink


We have a tool that can do this. Would any of you be interested in seeing a
web session? We also have a simple shop floor viewing tool that interacts
with Windchill to give the shop and others a simple to use viewing tool. We
will be showing this at PlanetPTC this year as well.

We have this working on our windchill system that customers can interact


Timothy J. Weatherford

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products and services!

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Exporting PDF's from PDMLink


Once you create the viewable as PDF, you can download the PDF in numerous

We have a custom tool that can download the PDFs based on

1. Resulting data of an ECN

2. PDFs based on a flat file that contains drawing numbers

3. Based on a WTPart, navigate to the associated cad drawings and
download the PDFs etc.

Thank you and have a great time.

Best Regards

Swamy Senthil

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Exporting PDF's from PDMLink


I agree with Steve's suggestion below for the following reasons:

Thumbnail of drawings can't be viewed in PDMLink if you publish to PDF.
Instead they need to be HPGL.
If you publish ProductView files, you can print a PDF from ProductView
with watermarking overlays or underlays. This watermark can also be turned
on when users are viewing the ProductView file before printing to a PDF.
Every time you check in a file then you are publishing a PDF, what are you
doing with the alll of the PDF's before a file gets released?

Lance Lie
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RE: Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

You can use SQL query to find the viewables related to a CAD Doc. With
this info you can copy the vault file locally, rename it and open it in
Adobe. We have an app that allows users to enter a pro e filename and it
copies the viewables from the vault to their local machine and opens
them in product view. No digging through PDM Link or searching required.






uniqueSequenceNumber AS VARBINARY(7)





,ApplicationData.fileName FILENAME

,DerivedImage.outOfDate OUTOFDATE











EPMDocument.idA3masterReference = EPMDocumentMaster.idA2A2

AND DerivedImage.idA3A6 = EPMDocument.idA2A2

AND HolderToContent.idA3A5 = DerivedImage.idA2A2

AND HolderToContent.idA3B5 = ApplicationData.idA2A2

AND ApplicationData.idA3A5 = FvItem.idA2A2

AND FvItem.streamId IN (








FvItem.idA3A4 = FvFolder.idA2A2

AND FvMount.idA3A5 = FvFolder.idA2A2


AND FvFolder.idA3A5 = FvVault.idA2A2

AND FvFolder.idA2A2 = FvItem.idA3A4

AND EPMDocumentMaster.CADName = 'model_program_new.drw'


FvItem.uniqueSequenceNumber ASC;

Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

Great thread, I know Lawrence put a lot of work into that customization.

RE: Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

Yep, lots of time spent...ha...ha

There are 2 methods for this tool:
1) Actions from Windchill DRW details page or product/library page.
2) Command line where DRW number is an argument.

But we need Hans to respond on whether he needs one at a time or all DRW's in his system.
Now is that all or Released state only, etc.

I could easily create a 2nd java program to cycle through all or Released state, or all DRW's of a specific state (maybe other than Released). But I want to hear from Hans on what he really wants.

If he wants one at a time, then the program linked above, might cover his needs.

If he wants all DRWS, all Released or other state, I can write that code, but I dont want to break out the vmware, if the existing works for him.

I have existing code to cycle through all epmdocs & then DRW's. I could insert that into a new version of dlRep_main, so it then output all DRW associated PDFs &/or PLT's if wanted.

It also wants an argument for download folder, so you could do this nightly & write to a new date stamped folder each night.

But I dont want to write this code, then Hans never comes back for it. Wasted effort.

Unless some one else here actually uses the original & wants the other created & will use it.

If I do this, my original intent will be for a State (Released) to be an argument on the command line, in case others want a different or multiple states.

Now lets see if anyone is watching over the weekend, because I might be on the road early next week, to the next job...yeahhhh.

Let me know.

Larry Jett;
where mail gets noticed quicker.

Just thought of something. If you set the drawing number argument to % (wildcard), it might download all epmdocs or just drawings with associations. You might try to %.drw or %.DRW.

I cant recall if have the dlRep_main to cycle through all epmdocs that it finds that match drawing number argument or only cycle through once.

command line would be:

java ext.dlRep_main c:\temp % pdf


java ext.dlRep_main c:\temp %.drw pdf

I will try to test later, but my slow computer & vmware hog are making things rough.

Let me know if anybody tries.

L Jett

In Reply to keith schmitt:

have you tried this?

RE: Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

Thats shows that memory does go with old age. Even my readme on this, shows it should do all epmdocs:

RE: Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

2 things on this:<br /><br />1)<br /><br />I did find that the command line class will run the wildcard alone (%) &amp; will grab all DRW epmdocs &amp; download the associated PDF or PLT.<br /><br />java ext.dlRep_main &lt;download folder="&gt; &lt;number search=" string="&gt; &lt;content type="&gt;<br /><br />java ext.dlRep_main C:\TEMP % pdf<br /><br />You can use plt instead here, if desired.<br /><br />So if the original request of this post was to download all DRW pdf's, it should do that.<br /><br />2)<br /><br />Some one emailed me &amp; asked that I write one to only download epmdoc DRW's in RELEASED state.<br /><br />AbraCadabra - *&amp;^!@%$#$<br /><br /><br /><br />java ext.dlRep_Rel_main &lt;download folder="&gt; &lt;number search=" string="&gt; &lt;content type="&gt;<br /><br />java ext.dlRep_Rel_main C:\TEMP % pdf<br /><br />You can use plt instead here also, if desired.<br /><br />After dealing with theslow laptop &amp; hog vmware, I was able to test &amp; write the new code.<br /><br />I wanted to write it to where any LC State could be entered as last argument (RELEASED, PRODUCTION, PRE-RELEASED, etc), but I only had one request &amp; was tired of the vmware &amp; slow activity there, to spend the extra time to write additional code.<br /><br />Along with the fact that not many will want other than RELEASED. But if you dont want LC State control &amp; want to download all epmdoc PDF's/PLT's, the original program does that.<br /><br />If some one does want PRODUCTION, instead of RELEASED, then I can write ot later &amp;/or just find/replace in the java source included in the above linked zip.<br /><br />L Jett<br />;

Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

Hi All,
... and thanks for all the replies! It was so massive response so I haven't been able to go through all information.

I will go through all tips, ideas and solutions over the next week or so and I will then post the solution that resolved my issue.

Thanks again.

Hans Berg

RE: Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

I will test this. I need to see released PDFs only in a folder.