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Family Table half broken error


Family Table half broken error

Can anyone help please

I have a family table of a component version 1.8 with 22 instances in the table however 11 of the instances have been broken out and are stand alone CAD I also have a later revision 1.9 which has nothing in it which when i try to delete this i get the message 

- A persistence error occurred. System message follows:

Nothing else follows this message. I cannot have both 1.8 and 1.9 in the same workspace for obvious reasons nor can i have the 11 instances attached to 1.8 in with 1.9.

I also can't check out 1.8. i cannot reintroduce the 11 instances into 1.9 as it wants to create new instances  and not realise they relate to the existing.

My goal was to break out all instances from the family table and I think there was an undo check out mistake during the process.

If any one can help it will be appreciated any idea or advise it welcome


Two things to try.  In both cases get you reset to what version 1.8 represents with all instances residing in the file.

1) Delete version 1.9 out of Windchill

2) Reconnect process (see images)




Is this only CAD? or are there Wt Parts associated as well?

In order to accomplish your task if you were to start over, these are the steps:

  • Check out (revise?, admin iterate?) the generic and all instances
  • If a drawing is involved the drawing should be checked out and in session so it links to the stand alone objects.
    • If the generic model is used on the drawing it will have to be rebuilt.
  • Make a change to the generic such as going into Insert Mode and then cancelling. This will flag all instances that they need to be verified.
  • Verify all instances in order to bring them all into session
  • Delete entire family table
  • Save Generic
  • One by one open each instance and save
  • Save the drawing
  • Check all objects in
  • All the objects will be stand alone
  • All of the where used, next level assemblies should be evaluated as they will have the yellow light and need to be regenerated with the stand alone part

Where you are now you could reset the data and start over, or I would need more information on the status of 1.8 and 1.9 generic and instances. The 1.8 and 1.9 status regarding 11 instances and reintroducing is confusing.