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Finding Windchill development talent


Finding Windchill development talent

How are you guys finding Windchill developers, and do you find the pool of talent to be slim. I think we need to have PTC work with some US universities to teach this skill set and put some of our talented young people into this industry. We always find it hard to find good people even in this difficult economy.




It's documentation as much as talent.

Though there is some disagreement, with some claiming the documentation tells everything you need in clear and obvious language, the majority of those asking for help or discussing their efforts seem to feel there is a lack of completeness and clarity. Having read the docs for 9.x and other PTC documentation over the years, I'm in the latter camp.

The other difficulty is that the salaries and the opportunities need to be enough of a draw to make the training worthwhile. Unlike regional pilots who get paid poorly and sometimes don't get much work, but do get to live the dream, it seems unlikely the same is true of software developers.

Are you looking for someone who can write a report generator, or someone who can do detailed database analytics, or some that uses Windchill as the basis for something really big?

We are a 9+ billion organization and we are always looking for the guys who can pull Windchill apart and put it back the way we need it (ok we don't go that far), but it's much more that generating a report.

9+ billion whats? I kid. For a moment I thought it was people.

I don't see your name on PTC User. You may want to check there. It has some hardcore Windchill developers participating. The kind from before it was from PTC.

9+ billion in annual sales (Stryker). I will check PTC user, I know my current developers use that list. Currently we have almost 10,000 Windchill users across 5 differenct Windchill instances (I know why not one, we are working on that).

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Hello Ben,

I am Tata group of Companies..

Any Specific requirement, we can help?



Sure do you know of any good Windchill Developers that would like to come full time Stryker employees in Northern NJ