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I want multiple revisions in a workspace

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I want multiple revisions in a workspace

We just switched from PTC model manager to Windchill.
But now we have no (good) way to have multiple revisions in Creo Elements/Direct.

We work with lots of customers, and often they will want to add something on their machine.
We then want to have the models of how it was when he first bought the machine, and then we want to add the new stuff. But the new stuff can have a bracket revision with an extra hole in it, and the bracket version the customer already has doesn't have this extra hole. If I want a complete model for the machine of this customer, I need both versions. I know a hole is not that important, but this was just a little example.

Is there any way to do this and still have Windchill recognise both revisions?
It was possible in model manager, so Creo can handle it.


Windchill will capture every revision of your files, including any incremental (iteration) changes you make to the file.

You must use release and revise on your parts in Windchill to capture the changes.


Build a bracket and check it in to Windchill at revision A.

Release the revision A bracket.

Revise the revision A bracket to Revision B.

Modify the bracket by adding a hole and check it in.

Release the revision B bracket.


In Windchill you can see all revisions of your parts and can open revision A or revision B in Creo.


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Not sure how Creo Elements/Direct works, but if it uses a Windchill workspace, I'm pretty sure the answer is no.  I'm not aware of any way to have two versions of the same model in the same workspace at the same time.  

As I understand the question, you basically want to open up a version of the model that represents how it was built, then incorporate changes. 

Windchill does have a function that lets you open 2 versions of the same model to compare them - but I don't think this will help you - I don't think it supports updating assembly references. 

I think the solution here would be to change part numbers much more frequently if a design change could affect form, fit, or function.

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