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Identifying software from the "MED- . . ." name?


Identifying software from the "MED- . . ." name?


Is there any method to figure out just what the contents of a PTC CD is from the name?

For example: "MED-60318-CD-101_M030" and the rest as seen here:


Thank you.


ML Starkey



Thank you! I wonder why this didn't come up when I searched the support DB . .. oh well!

That link no longer works, is there a new one that has a master index for all products?

23-Emerald IV

Normally there is a 'version.xml' file inside each folder with the name of the CD.

This link ( ) works fine. However, the contents of this web page can be seen in the attached PDF file.


23-Emerald II

Not unless you know the file codes or have them stored in a file.

You can open the image and then open the version.xml file which will tell what the file is for.

The codes do not change, just the date codes when a new version/build comes out.

All that you listed are for Windchill 10.1 (101) with various build codes (F000, M030).

From your list, I have:

60171 - InfoEngine

60318 - Service Pack

60379 - PDMLink

60418 - Services

60419 - Third Party Software

60423 - Multi-Language Pack              

60686 - Index Search

60702 - PTC Solution Installer

60703 - JAVA JDK

60704 - Business Reporting

607041 - Windows Server

607042 - Solaris

607043 - HP-UX

607044 - AIX

607045 - RH Linux

607046 - Language Pack

60707 - Workgroup Managers

60756 - Point Release

60757 - Help Center

60800 - Directory Services

Some you did not list:

60310 - ProjectLink

60319 - ECAD WGM

60430 - ProductView

60481 - Aphelion DS

60482 - PV Doc Support

60758 - ProductView Client

60795 - Product Analytics Process Advisor

60898 - Common Base

61006 - CPS sets

Hopefully you can fill in the rest or some else can.


Thanks, that is helpful. Anything to narrow down the subject and 'crack the code' here is exactly what I need.

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