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Intralink 3.4 check in error / max assembly component issue


Intralink 3.4 check in error / max assembly component issue

We are using Intralink 3.4 M070 with Wildfire 4.0 M210 and are seeing an odd error.

While working with certain assemblies we have had users running into situations where ProI would either crash, take hours to check in a simple assembly, or return the error:

"ProINTRALINK has detected an internal error..... Attempt to get object with NULL_DBID"

Until recently, we were unable to isolate the error or circumstances that cause the error. We thought that the error might have been coming from a "poison pill" part or subassembly. To eliminate the parts I created a brand new assembly and assembled in the suspect pieces of hardware models. After multiple attempts, I found that there was not a "poison pill" but seemed to be a quantity of parts that was the issue. I created a new plain rectangular flat part, new bolt, new washer, and new nut models. The plain part has a pattern of holes though it. Whenthe bolt, washer, and nut are added to the assembly (with or without reference patterning) and the total number of parts equals 200 ProI returns the above message. If I delete any one item from the assembly bringing the total number of parts to 199 it checks in without issue. Add one more part fails to check in again.

Also, we exported the assembly from the workspace and then imported it into a new fresh workspace of a different user. Initially the assembly with more than 200 components checks in. However, if any of the components is redefined or replaced the assembly check in fails with the Null_DBID error.

Has anyone else seen this sort of error or hit a max component ceiling with ProI?

Matt Seibert


Intralink 3.4 check in error / max assembly component issue


We have been aware of this M170 specific bug now for over a year at
Raytheon SAS.
We included PTC on the debugging aspect for about 2 weeks and were able to
give them a simple repeatable dataset to test against.
Unfortunately, it's a unavoidable bug that won't ever be fixed due to
INTRALINK being out of maintenance and that PTC does not have the resources
anymore to even attempt a fix.

Here are some tips I can pass on.

The case:
- Only occurs on the second and higher checkin, i.e 1.0 = Smiley Happy 1.1 or higher
=Smiley Sad
- Only occurs on a assembly that has 200 or higher first level items
- Only occurs in M170 regardless of the WF4 build
- Will occur even if items are not patterned

Avoidance Measures:
Easiest but not desirable
- Copy the Assembly to a new part name
Note: Does not work if you need to maintain revision history.
- Delete to get below 200 items
Medium level Pain
- Create a second level assembly and re-assemble items there to avoid
the 200+ limit at the first level
Note: This will mess with your Auto BOM of course.
Extreme Pain
- Somehow Downgrade to M062, untested theory
- Upgrade to PDMLink

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