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DXF files in WC M020...


DXF files in WC M020...

We just recently got back from Admin and Creo training for WindChill. We
are on WC M020 and Creo Elements/Pro M150 (WF5)

One of the things that we did not go over in either one of these classes
(or possibly I was sleeping then) was how to deal with DXF files in WC.

I have played around with this a little bit, and there are basically two
scenarios that I see:

1. Check the files in as DXF files. This works, but there's no way
to really get them "automatically" generated each time that you check the
drawing in.

. This is how we have our current PDM setup (non-PTC product), and
this works OK for us, but users need to manually take care of all of the
DXF creation and changing

. This method allows for the DELETION of the DXF file from WC, if
for some reason it was no longer needed. At times we may need to do this,
so that other departments can't get ahold of the DXF file to do things
with it that they are not supposed to do

2. "Attach" the DXF files into the drawing on the WC side by using
the check-mark on DXF creation that saves new files to model's CAD

. I haven't figured out how to make this scenario totally
automatic either, but with this one, all you need to have checked out is
the drawing, and then you can simply create a new DXF file by saving as
DXF, and when you check it in, a new DXF file is attached to the drawing

. The one issue that I've found with this scenario though, is how
to remove these "attachments" from the drawing. I went in as orgadmin and
wcadmin, and I haven't found a screen that would allow me to delete them
at this point.

What are the pros/cons of either scenario above? How are others handling
this? I would really like to make this totally automatic, but I'm not for
sure if that's possible in our case, because we don't have DXF files of
everything, just certain parts, specifically sheetmetal parts.