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Is there any api to fetch all wtdocs for a given attribute iba name on some condition?


Is there any api to fetch all wtdocs for a given attribute iba name on some condition?

Im working on a scenario, where for a given attribute(eg,status), im using the iba name 'status' with the value anything less than the value 3, i wanted to fetch all the wtdocs with the attribute value<3. Can anyone guide me thorugh please?


@xyzabc  kindly route me through to the correct plaxe




If the IBA has been added to your Document type, it should be accessible for the search configuration. You just need to add that IBA as a criteria. You also need to make to that only documents are selected in your Type section. That exposes the unique attributes. Lastly, when you get your results, under actions in search results should be an option to download all as a zip file.




Thanks for your reply.


Can you guide me how this can be fetched through a backend java code?


Well there chief, that's completely different. Let's start by explaining what the big picture is. I've done some work in this area (static, parameter based URL to download content) which is close but not as a massive set or querying via an IBA. All doable but perhaps folks here might suggest an easier way if you explain your user story a bit.

Hi Avillanueva,


Really thanks. Can you route any people whom you know who can help me out.


Now i basically try  to run a custom scheduler which captures all the wtdocs based on an attribute with iba value(<3) and then release those docs 24 hrs once using a java code.



This article will help you to write a java class and search based on attribute.



Hi Ajit, 

Thanks for the help!. I m working on the article.


Also, would like to know if this is possible with queryspec





The short answer is yes, this can be done with QuerySpec.

If you have a solid understanding on the dB tables and columns and what points where this would not be too difficult to write.

You mentioned that the attribute was "status". Is the attribute akin to Lifecycle State? If so, would be a whole lot easier to do using state changes. And you do not have to touch (iterate) the doc to change the status.

Hi Avi,


Yeah, the value is not a life cycle state.


It is a business attribute.


Lets say, Upon approving for a document release from a change notice, I have an event listener code which runs 3 rest apis.Upon execution of eachret api, I have my business attribute value 'Status' to be changed from 0,1,2 and 3.


0--> No rest apis have been executed.

1-->1 rest api has been completed

2-->executed 3 rest apis in my listener

3-->all REST api's have been executed


So which my business attribute with value 3 means my transaction is successful. 


So, in my shceduler java code I wanted to fetch all the wtdocs with their business attribute value 'Status<3' in  a list and for each of the doc, I will run the listerner code from my scheduler respectively.