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Issues after rehost


Issues after rehost

I have an issue where there are still references to the source server after a rehost. In particular when I open the Queue Manager and try to select any of the actions I get an alert box with the following message:

No "ptcRepositoryDefinition" entry was found in the Directory for the given LDAP URL: "ldap://<target><source>,dc=corp,dc=ki,dc=com,cn=configuration,cn=Windchill_9.1,o=ptc..."

where <target> is the hostname of the target system and<source> is the hostname of the source (production) system.

I have been through the LDAP (Aphelion) several times using the LDAP browser tool and have exported the database and searched it with a text editor, so I'm quite sure that the issue is that something in the Windchill code (or in the Oracle databse perhaps) is looking for an LDAP entry with those terms and there isn't one, because all the LDAP entries have been updated with the target hostname.

Where would this LDAP URL be generated from?

I've been working with PTC tech support and haven't gotten an explanation where this error might be coming from. This is one of those situations where I know enough to be dangerous and I'm getting impatient.

The ant script used to update the target system has some limitations and it doesn't completely replace the source entries with the target's, and I hadto do some manual editing to complete the job. I did this under the eye of the tech support engineer the first time and have since been back after I refreshed the target system with updated data.

If anyone has a suggestion as to where I might look for the source of this error, I'd appreciate it.

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Hi Andrw,

Three places you may need to check on:

In datebase

verify table repository has correct information, if it still has source info run following sql script:

update repository set lastknowndomain = '' where lastknowndomain = '';
update repository set GUID ='' where lastknowndomain = '';
update repository set lastknowndomain = '' where lastknowndomain = '';commit;

Your target system shouldn't has anything reference to the source. In site.xconf look for any keyword for your source system and replace it. Your LDAP URL came from

<property name="ie.ldap.serviceName" overridable="true"&lt;/p">



Replace it with target should make your windchill look for the right node in LDAP.

Run xconfmanager -p in windchill prompt to populate properties. Double check following files:

codebase\WEB-INF\ieStructurtProperties.txt and

check codebase/WEB-INF/web.xml for



make sure reflect target name

You may also need to create repository in info engine. Here's the step:

From site>Utilities>Info*Engine Administrator>Task Delegate Administration>Manage Repository

In your case:

Webject Processor:

Task Processor:

In your ldap you should see something like this:

Let me know if you still have problems.

Best regards,


What release of Windchill are you rehosting? I am asking because the ant script does not work too well and has limitations if you are rehosting 9.1 M10, 20, or 30. In these realeases, you can ONLY use the ant script if the source and target systems are in the same domain. A lot of customers complained to PTC about this limitation and PTC removed that limitation starting from 9.1 M040. So if you are rehosting a release below 9.1 M040, then you want to use the manual approach that existed before the ant script, however, if you are rehosting an M040 or above system, then maybe you missed a step somewhere as the ant script works VERY well in M040 and above.

Hope this help. Otherwise let me know.


Alexius C. Chukwuka
IT Analyst, Global SAP Basis - TCM
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I think I've resolved the issue and not surprisingly it was my fault. I had fatfingered one property value (added an extra period) and used all lowercase instead of camel case for one of the property names (containing my source host name of course).

Thanks for the hints: everything seems to be running properly now.

For the record I'm running 9.1 M020 (soon to be 10, once we finish testingthis beast)