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Loading versioning file

23-Emerald II

Loading versioning file

I have taken the default file based versioning file and swapped the MILSTD section to be first and the Numeric section to be second. Simple cut and paste in the XML editor. But when I go to load the file back into Windchill, I get the following messages.


e:\SetupFiles\Versioning>java wt.series.LoadFileBasedSeries xenergy_versioning -load
WARNING: Loading will overwrite existing Series XML.
File-based series XML file was not found or is empty: xenergy_versioning
File-based series XML file could not be loaded: xenergy_versioning



Besides the question of what is wrong with my file or the load command, do I need to actually edit and reload the version file? I want to have Alpha revisions first, then at some point we go to a production release of Numeric versions starting at 0. It is my understanding that the versioning file must be traversed from top to bottom and cannot jump back up higher. The default value  range for the version is set by using Numeric or MILSTD in the OIR. If the Numeric is first, then using MILSTD will restrict you to all alphas as you cannot go to the top of the file to get a Numeric version. Is this correct?


The versioning file entries are only a means of loading to the database table.

Has to be in synch with related properties under wt.series... in 

Search for "energy."


Study the section in help / CS articles about creating a new series and the related properties.


I was looking for an example to upload for you but couldn't find it...  Basically this is what you need to do:


  1. Keep the OOTB Versioning file AS IS and just append to it.
  2. Introduce a new series into the file at the end - for example (numeric switching to alpha):

<series name="Business Name Series">


What you will need to do is estimate the highest numeric value you might need and build it into the series.  Then do the same for the alphabetic characters that follow (or vice versa).  When you are ready to go from alpha to numeric in your use case you will need to rev the object one last time and manually type in the number "1".  Then any subsequent rev will suggest the next numeric value in the series.  If you have existing data in your system that you want to switch into this new series that is another complication.  In that case you should modify the series that they are already using so you do not have to deal with switching to a new series.