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MPMLink Options & Variants Process Plan Customization: Functionality Gap


MPMLink Options & Variants Process Plan Customization: Functionality Gap


I would like to talk to people who have Customized the Functionality Gap between Process Plans
and Module Variants and Process Plans.

PTC Standard Technique

Step 1.
Options/Choices on an Overbuilt MBOM (From a Overbuilt EBOM) (From Options
Modeler in Creo) allows Creation of a Module Variant. :

TruckOverbuilt has 3 Walls, 3 Floors, 8 Roofs;

Module Variant provides Truck One:Wall3, Floor2, Roof7

Truck One is a BOM Structure and can be pushed to ERP via ERP Connector.

Step 2:

PTC Technique would have us create a NEW process Plan to Truck One;

We could duplicate an existing process plan but it will LOSE all Part Allocations, all
Creo View Representations, and thus All Creo View Annotations... So for Every
"Truck One" you have to remake allocate and make creo View...

Typical Truck
200 Modules; 4 to 5 Trucks a Day.... Maybe we can copy representations from 1
plan to another plan... (Note Module Variant internal Project Plans Stable) It’s
the Top Level Project Plan of assembly Module to Module together that needs
accurate pictures in Work Instructions.

Alternate Technique Incomplete:

Step 1.
Identical: OverbuiltTruck and Module Variant Truck One

Step 2:

We can create an Overbuilt Process Plan taking advantage of Option Filter, Add Assign
Choice Column; We can filter and Allocate Parts to each Operation; We can see
all Creo View Representations/Annotations. Even Work Instruction Filters
Properly. Common Operations can be maintained, as new Module Variants added to
OverbuiltTruck the OverBuiltProcessPlancan be Updated.

5-Regular Member

We did this.

We have a "Solar Variant Generator" to make a Windchill WTPart BOM, then
we use Options Modeler to make a CAD BOM, then we check in that CAD BOM to
auto-associate to the Windchill WTPart BOM. Then we Generate a
Manufacturing Process BOM, including creating some manufacturing
downstream view versions where the numbers are the same for WTParts in the
engineering BOM and the manufacturing BOM. We then generate a Process
Plan Variant. And finally we "push" the parts from teh MBOM to the
Process Plan so we can see the work instructions. This was an enormous
effort, and I'm not sure how much we can help you out since it took over a
year to get where we are now, and it would take days to explain all the

However, if you give me some specific questions, then I can try to answer




can you help me with below questions ?


1) is there an OOTB way, we can maintain the overloaded process plan (150%)

2) is there a way, where we can apply filter on overloaded BOM (150% BOM) and generate a variant for BOM as well as the process plan linked to it.

i.e. each operation will be linked to the part (consumed or referenced) and applying filter on the configurable BOM generated the variant of BOM and Process plan ?

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