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Migration or Upgrade from Windchill 9.x to 11.x


Migration or Upgrade from Windchill 9.x to 11.x

Hi Team,


If the source system is 9.x and if the target system is 11.x should we choose Migration or upgrade ?


I understand migration is not supported across 9.x to 11.x but should we prefer upgrade ? and if migration has to be done how do we migrate from 9.x to 11.x ?


How do we opt between Migration or Upgrade ?




First step is to check the supported upgrade path. I think direct 9.x to 11.x upgrade is not supported. 


So the option here is to upgrade from 9.x to 10 (supported version) , verify everything and then upgrade from 10 to 11.


Let me know if you need any help!!


Thanks and Regards

Ajit Kulkarni


Hi @Ajit_Kulkarni 


Thank you. Please confirm what if we need to migrate from 9.x to 11.x using WBM or any other tool.


Just like how you shared the upgrade / update supported matrix can you please share the migration supported matrix also ?


And if we really need to migrate what would be the solution be like ? Should we first go to 10.x from 9.x and then from 10.x should we migrate to 11 ?


Can you give me a small or sample overview like how it goes 

To get to WC v11.n, you just need to perform an upgrade to a v10.n first. No WBM. Once you've confirmed the v10.n installation, you can start a v11.n upgrade. Each will need their own unique requirements and you'll need to sort out all the application changes like new Change Management, WC Vis properties in a new location, webGL preview, licensing, classification, search, Solr indexing, universal upload, Java replacement and of course supported operating systems. Once you're done, you can also stop using Internet Explorer 🙂

Hi @ScottMorris 


I already have an existing 11.x target Windchill environment.


As I see from Upgrade it Requires a brand new installation of the target. So considering that my source system is 10.x and not 9.1 can I still use upgrade or if I had to use WBM only to migrate all the data into the existing target Windchill environment 11.1


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