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OOTB Auto Associate Behaviour


OOTB Auto Associate Behaviour

Hi All,

When I select Auto Associate Parts to CAD Documents check box while checking in the EPMDocument in Workspace. 2 things will happen.

1. if the related part is found in windchill it will attach that part to cad.

2. if it doesn't find the related part it will create a new part and attach the part to cad.


I have query what is the parameter it will check for searching in windchill i.e if we have 3 WTParts with same name as current EPMDocument --> to which WTPart & on what basis it will attach?



Check this documentation topic if it helps.


Thanks for the documentation provided. The documentation tells if this preference Operation>Auto Associate>Auto Associate Find and Create Part Using Base Number is set to yes then it uses Base Number Regular Expression preference to find a matching part.


But what if preference is set to no. The Default OOTB Preference value is No.

I am looking for the logic which it will use when the value is set to No.



If the base number is disabled then OOTB behavior use directly the Number of CAD Document to locate WTPart by number.

It is also dependent if extension preference is set to remove CAD file extension or not (Auto Associate Truncate Number File Extension). 


Last point: WTParts OOTB have a OIR rule to generate autonumber so if this is active then WTpart will have new autogenerated number.


Best Regards



I believe it uses "Number"

If EPMDocument Number = WTPart Number, they will be linked.