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PDMLink 9.1 Part Numbering


PDMLink 9.1 Part Numbering

Does anyone know if PDMLink 9.1 can be configured to sequentially pick new part numbers from a list stored on the server?



Yes, you can use the OIR (Object Initialization Rule) for any business
object to use a sequence to control the numbering. For example, WTPart
uses the WTPARTID_seq which is a database structure designed for this
purpose (
you want a list that is different than incremental starting at 1? If so,
you can manipulate this sequ...

Hi Bill,

Thank you for the reply.

To clarify, I would like the system to select new part numbers from an external file on the Windchill server that contains a range of pre-defined part numbers.

In that case, you'd be looking at the last option - create a custom class
that is called from the OIR. The class would simply open the file and read
the next value. You could still use an Oracle sequence to keep track of
which line in the file to use next.

The file concept might be a little clumsy, however. Instead, you could
create a database table and populate it with two columns, an index and the
value. This would be a more efficient way of retrieving the numbers. You
would still use a custom class to retrieve the value from the database.


I’m assuming you have a list of valid part numbers from your ERP system or other party and want to enforce usage of those.

This can work as indicated below but just be warned that most likely you will start to consume those numbers at a very high rate. The system does not use a method were it checks if numbers were actually used or not when one is pulled. If its pulled, its been used and will move on. So if you create a part and hit cancel, it will have pulled that number and now its used up. This means it will chew through your numbered list quickly.

Now auto-numbering can be great as just dumb numbering parts but if you want to REALLY control it, you might not find that easy to do.


Steve Vinyard
Application Engineer


I will not add more technical info on this as it has all been said.

We have configured our Windchill server to pick a number from a list from a txt. This works very well. This was in 2008. Hoping that any new ERP we will use later as global ERP will be capable of this too but that is not possible. SAP can't

so until we bridge the two systems we have 2 masters for number allocation. Not ideal.

Best regards