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PDMLink: Report Manager for link user/group


PDMLink: Report Manager for link user/group


I'm new on Windchill so the question to come will probably be easy to answer.

I want to create a small report that shows the link between all my users and the associated groups they belong to (at site level) - what I can see in Principal Administrator but for all users in one report.

Since I couldn't find any standard report or other functionality to do that, I wanted to design my own one with report manager.

I could find the user (WTuser) data, the group( WTgroup) data but I can't find the link between them.

Can one of you help me to define the object I need to show these links ?

Thank you !!!




Just import this report:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE qml SYSTEM "/wt/query/qml/qml.dtd">
<object alias="" heading="Идентификатор" propertyName="roleBObject">
<property name="roleBObject"/>
<column alias="User or Group (" heading="Name" propertyName="name" type="java.lang.String">
<table alias="">
<table alias="User or Group (">
<columnTarget heading="Name"/>
<join name="roleAObjectRef">
<aliasTarget alias=""/>
<aliasTarget alias="User or Group ("/>


thanks a lot for your help but it doesn't answer my need.

I expect the link between group and user which are both at site level.

something like

user1 GrpAuthorSpec

user1 GrpAuthorDev

user2 GrpAuthorDev

user3 GrpAuthorSpec

with your report, I think it's more a link between roles and groups or something like that.

If you have another idea, you're higly welcome. In any case, thanks again


this was helpful for me also, thanks. Now I would like to also cross-reference the results with the product name to get a list of users and their roles by product...any hints?

I tried importing this qml and running - can't get it to work. Any more info? It would be great to be able to run such a report.

original post was missing quotes around /wt/query/qml/qml.dtd

I also solved my 2nd question. see attached. This works with both 9.1 and 10 PDMLink

I was interested in a report that shows the same info as displayed at Organiation, Groups and it sounded like this report delivered that.

But - It appears that this reports on context teams (e.g. what Users / Groups are mapped to Roles in a Product). I have another report that already does that. I just imported and ran the updated qml - it returns > 50000 entries and so doesn't run. Something still wrong.

According to the PTC knowlege base this is not possible.


But I had a simular problem. I needed to get a list of the groups and its members.

Since the User-Group Information is stored win windchillDS I tried a LDAP search.

Maybe this helps you further.Here is an example (groupname & users are in bold):

C:\ptc\Windchill_10.0\Windchill>ldapsearch -h vm-net297p -p 389 -D cn=Manager -w <LDAP_ADMIN_PASSWORD> -b o=ptc -z 30 "(objectclass=

groupOfUniqueNames)" uniqueMember










ldapsearch help:


usage: ldapsearch [options] filter [attributes...]


filter RFC-1558 compliant LDAP search filter

attributes whitespace-separated list of attributes to retrieve

(if no attribute list is given, all are retrieved)


-n show what would be done but don't actually search

-v run in verbose mode (diagnostics to standard output)

-t write values to files in /tmp

-u include User Friendly entry names in the output

-A retrieve attribute names only (no values)

-B do not suppress printing of non-ASCII values

-L print entries in LDIF format (-B is implied)

-X print entries in XML format

-R do not automatically follow referrals

-d level set LDAP debugging level to `level'

-F sep print `sep' instead of `=' between attribute names and values

-S attr sort the results by attribute `attr'

-f file perform sequence of searches listed in `file'

-b basedn base dn for search

-s scope one of base, one, or sub (search scope)

-a deref one of never, always, search, or find (alias dereferencing)

-l time lim time limit (in seconds) for search

-z size lim size limit (in entries) for search

-D binddn bind dn

-w passwd bind passwd (for simple authentication)

-h host ldap server

-p port port on ldap server

-W Wallet Wallet location

-P Wpasswd Wallet Password

-U SSLAuth SSL Authentication Mode

-q prompt for simple bind password

-Q prompt for SSL wallet password

-E charset Character Set Encoding

-Z [enable native authentication]

-M send ManageDsaIT control to server

-G send RequiredAttribute control to server

-C send connectBy control to server

-T [-]sort_attr send serverSort control to server

-j page_size send Paging control to server


I had similar requirement and achieved by LDAP & WTUSer Download.

My client had requested user and User group report in following in an excel format.

User Group

User ID

Full Name

Last Name

Email ID.

I followed following steps to achieve the requirement

  1. Login to LDAP and goto Manage Entries>>o=PTC >>Configuration>>Public
  2. Copy the group name to 1st column in Excel
  3. Copy the UIDs manually to 2nd column in Excel
  4. Using excel features filter to User ID
  5. Export WTUser table to Excel
  6. By Using Excel features (Vlookps and Hlookup) merge the Full Name, Last Name and Email ED with User group and User ID excel.

Note- This is workable solution if you have less number of user groups.

Thank you,

Suresh M.S

If you haven't already done, please join this group Reporting and take a look at this document Resource for reporting

In it you can find lots of query builder report ready to use and there is also what you are looking for.

You have to use this java method (stored in ptc/user)


How does one go about joining the Reporting group? And also accessing Resource for reporting?

I've found this Reporting area and a few references to DOC-6348 in it, but keep getting:

Access Denied
You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.


21-Topaz I

In the new community site links are changed.


This is the link for document

and this is that for reporting group




I find that I am no longer able to access the "Resource for reporting" page. Super valuable resource, wondering if it's just me or if someone changed the access to it. If so please restore access as this page is invaluable for anyone climbing the Report Manager learning curve.

Have you tried to use the link in my previous comment? Marco

Hi Marco,


Yes, I did try that and recieved the same "Access Denied: You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action." message.




Hi Greg,

you can notify site moderators picking on the three dot in the right upper corner of every comment.


This way someone will work on your request/issue.




Hello everyone,


Thanks for alerting us to the issue here. I will investigate and provide an update as soon as one is available. Thanks!



Hello again everyone,


The Reporting group should be available to the general community and you can now find it here:


It’s location may change with the structure changes and we will let you know where to find it after the content move.


Thanks again.


I think you moved the group in the wrong section.


Just looked and I can see it here: 



23-Emerald IV



It’s location may change with the structure changes and we will let you know where to find it after the content move.

Yeah, it definitely doesn't belong under LiveWorx....

Thank you! I can see it (and share it) now.



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