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Regenerating before publishing


Regenerating before publishing



I've added a parameter in our title blocks the shows the lifecycle state.  This is incase a paper copy of our drawing is printed out, if it's floating around its easily identifiable as under review or released.  The parameter in the title block show properly at WIP, Under Review, but after a promotion request where it is approved and moves to a released state that parameter does not update in the published or actual drawing.  I have a publishing rule that creates pdf and dxf upon release... but they all end up saying under review.. I have found a setting in the recipe file that suggests it will regen before publishing but this doesn't seem to have an effect.


Accepted Solutions


This is a very important and frequent question (asked various ways but with the same core business need).

But - It's very much like:

- carefully inspect what is in a box while the box is open, and state that the contents have been inspected

- tape up the box (Windchill state change, equivalent to a label on the outside of the box)

- somehow show inside the box that the state has changed


Changing the state of a CAD Doc (or other types of objects) occurs on the object without changing the contents. Attempting to show the updated state in the drawing requires iterating the drawing.


This is one of the reasons for using state-based watermarking, applied at the time a user views the drawing in Creo View. If one creates a PDF from Creo View, the current state is included without iterating the drawing.


There are other ways thru workflow to generate a PDF (via publishing or potentially other), and adding a watermark programmatically at that time, also without iterating the drawing.

Thanks for that...


The publishing rules file that I have creates pdf on checking and on release (from promotion request).  Quick read says to create a water mark.  I'm guessing I'll need to modify the xml file in some way to use the water mark?  Perhaps recipe file? 


More research shows I might be able to edit the sample ddx file that came ootb.  Turns out I don't have the version of creo view that has the watermark editor.  So it looks like ddx is my only option.  I really just want the life cycle state to show anywhere on the view-able and pdf.  


Not sure how to edit the ddx to accomplish this though.  Any tips?



All versions of Creo View have a separate watermark editor installation available. There is a radio button on install to select the watermark editor or the Creo View client.


If you have the Adobe product though, yes you have all needed functionality that way also.

According the the documentation I have the Creo View Lite which we have doesn't have the editor.  Only the MCAD version.  I downloaded the software from PTC based on our sales order number and when I opened there was no option I could see that was described in the help.  

Should be there with all versions. There is only one install media.


If needed, tech support case.

Thanks... I did some more downloading and got another version and it worked... or I just didn't see it from before...

What I don't see now exactly is the syntax for the lifecycleState property I'm trying to use in the water mark.

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