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Rehosting Observations

23-Emerald II

Rehosting Observations

After numerous attempts to rehost Windchill 10 with the Rehost Utility, I was finally able to get a working rehosted system. Still a few issues, but overall, it works.


Let me start by describing my rehost procedure.

Export the Oracle DB, copy the file vaults and the Windchill loadpoint folders to a neutral location or directly to your rehost systems.

In my case I had already done a clean install of Oracle of Windchill, so I had the shortcuts already on my rehost system.

On the Oracle server, I used the Oracle Database Configuration Utility to delete the WIND Db instance.

Deleted the <Windchill_loadpoint>\ocu and PSI folders.

Run PTC Solution Installer and do a standalone configuration of the Oracle DB.

Import the exported Oracle DB from the production server into the rehosted server.

On the Windchill server, I deleted the root PTC folder and copied the root PTC folder from my neutral location.

That is all that is required for setup for the Rehost Utility.

I defined all of the settings in the file and

Rehost tasks were InfoEngine, Database, Apache and Vault.

I am using the Windchill 11.0m030 Rehost Utility which fixes a missing line from earlier files that is required. When run, however, the rehost.log still says Rehost Utility V3.0 m010!

I did find I needed to add wt.rmi.clientSocketFactory to my file in order for the Vault Configuration JAVA scripts to run.


Started the Rehost utility at 10:00AM.

I noticed in the log that it had copied some files from my production system to the rehost vaults. I had also made a copy of the production vaults and named them staging-vaults. It was supposedly using the staging-vaults, but it also went to the production vaults for updates, not sure how to change the settings so this does not happen. My concern was that the Oracle DB know about xxx number of files and now my vault had xxx+y files in it. I verified this by looking at the properties of both folders. My vault data is not small, over 2.5 million files and 171GB.

I let the rehost utility run and it was still running when I went home at 4:45! Checking the log this morning, the utility ran until 7:16PM...9 hours and 16 minutes!


Fires up WindchillDS and Apache.

Started the Method Servers. Noticed the background log was filling up with massive repeating errors about vaults. Logged in to Windchill and could see that my Vaults were all mounted and with the proper settings. Stopped Windchill and renamed the Vault folder to Vault-Rehost and then renamed the Staging-Vaults folder to Vaults. This put the proper number of files that Oracle knew about with the vault count.

Restarted Windchill and everything started correctly and no excessive logging of errors.


Now on to the Windchill 11 upgrade testing with the rehosted system, plus a way to rebuild the rehosted system fairly easily, if needed again.


Hope this will help others who have experienced frustrations with rehosting. If you have any questions or comments, please post them so we can help each other, and PTC, improve the rehost process.


Thanks a lot Ben for sharing it.