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Report on documents a specific user has promoted.


Report on documents a specific user has promoted.

Is it possible to create a report that would return all of the documents that a specific user has promoted or released?

Windchill 10.2 M020.


It's easy to get the documents that were created, iterated or revised by a user.
What specifically are you after for "promoted" or "released" since this generally is done via workflow task on Promotion Requests and/or Change Objects (Request / Notice / Task).

- Created Promotion Request

- Approved Promotion Request

- Created Change Request

- Approved Change Request

- Other?

Can build a report that accepts a Document Number as input, then returns related promotion requests / change objects, then finds the user who took some action.

Have to be (maddeningly) specific on these to get the needed results.

Higher ups want to put metrics to how many drawing errors there are in relation to how many drawings are released per engineer.

So I need to be able to tell how many drawings are released per engineer for a specific time period.
For the initial release, the engineer simply does a set state to the Released state.
For any revisions, the drawings are set to Released via a change notice.

So, I need to be able to input an engineer's name, and a date range, and get all of the drawings that they have released.
I'm assuming that this will have to be 2 different reports. One that lists all of the drawings that they performed a set state too, and another report to list all of the drawings that they were the approver on a change notice.

Hope this explains it a bit better.

Joseph K. Anderson
Ameridrives International
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Erie, Pa 16502

To do this you have to query on lifecycle history joined to the business object you are interested in. The attached zip contains a QML that will return all the EPMDocuments that changed state to Released or Prototype between dates. Unfortunately lifecycle history does not allow you to directly join to the user object, so you have to add criteria to match username from the user objectto actor name from the lifecycle history.

Personally I would just run this for all users between dates then use Excel to filter my search results to the users I was interested in. But if you get too many returns using this approach you could easily add a parameter for username to limit things, you then have to run the same report for each user. This report is only for EPMDocuments, if you are interested in other business objects you have to either duplicate this query for those or add the extra business object and an extra lifecycle history for each to one single query.

Note that this report will return any state change event, whether by a user or by a workflow. Depending on how your workflow is configured the actor responsible for the lifecycle history change will probably be your site or org adminfor state changes during a workflow process. If you want to query on workflow tasks that is an entirely different task and I would need some more information to assist with that.

Best regards,