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Retarget Principals


Retarget Principals

Hi All,

We are in the Process to Migrating the iPlanet LDAP to AD.

As we unplugged the old (iPlanet) adapter the users are rendered disconnected. [These are visible in the Maintenance tab in Principal Administration menu].

Now, the disconnected principals need to be retargeted.

The user to be retargeted also have groupmembership in Local DS (Windchill DS) groups.

The disconnected users are numerous (~5000) so doing manually is not an options.

Option Tried:

DB UPDATE (Tables: RemoteobjectID, RemoteobjectInfo, WTUSER)


The Windchill DS doesn’t update.

I believe as through OOTB (Principla Administration-> Maintaiance ->Select Disconnect User -> Retarget) we could retarget the users successfully (it also updates the Windchill DS) the options below would be a preferred one:

  1. Windchill API probabl e -> API fixuid
  2. InfoEngine Tasks

Any Sample code would be applicable.

Thanks & Regards

Debashis Patnaik


Hi Debashis,

I am reaching out to you to check if you have found any answers or were able to perform this activity. We are trying to do something similar, but instead of iPlanet we are moving from WDS to AD.


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