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Search in table


Search in table

Is there a way to use the "Search in table" to display items which do NOT contain a certain string?


We often have hundreds of modified parts/assemblies/drawings (all starting with the same drawingnumber), and we would like to quickly check if there are any other modified items which do NOT belong to that drawingnumber.


Any clues?


I don't see any way to achieve that, but even if there would have been a way, it would not be performance efficient.

A few ways I can think are:

1) Use the  SORT Options by date to see all the recent objects which does not have that keyword.

2) Use Context based searches to limit the number of objects and then use data sort to find recent objects.

3) Use Group by to group results in appropriate sections and filter them out.


Hope this helps

Our models are driven by Excel, and hundreds of parts will change/update when we make a change in Excel.


So the "change date" of all the parts will be (nearly) indentical, thus your first two suggestions will not work for us.


I thought I could create a new View, but the "Set Filters" only allows for all OR statements or all AND statements ("Match All").


I have the need for:


"Number Not Equal to MY_DRAWING_NUMBER"  AND ("Modified Status Equal to Modified" OR "Modified Status Equal to Modifications Uploaded" OR "Local Workspace status Equal to Modified locally")


Notice the mixture of AND and OR..


- sigh -




Another way I can think of is > creating a Saves Search which has ways to add AND / OR in the Criteria, I believe this can fulfill your use-case.


I have tried that, but I couldn't figure out how I can limit the search to my Workspace.