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Iwant to remove the new JSCA table options from the setup participants JSP page. Unfortunately the page isn't constructed with the typical describeTable, renderTable. Instead itis done through java code.

It looks like the table is rendered through this line of code:

NmTableRenderer.draw( modelBean, objectBean, sessionBean, localeBean, urlFactoryBean, actionBean, stringBean, linkBean, nmcontext, checkBoxBean,textBoxBean, radioButtonBean, textAreaBean, comboBoxBean, dateBean, null, null, null, true, out, request, response);

I couldn't find anywhere to set the useJSCA flag to false.

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve D.


Fairly sure JSCA is acronym for the java script generated table so the output to the client is html with a bunch of javascript function/object instances along with the various table view descriptors.

Not sure what you want to turn off. That might be abetter place to start. The snippet of code you passed looks to render a single row in the table.

I have been working quite extensively with these lately.
The taglib to convert jca html output to use the jsca javascript code is a one way thing.


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What I want to turn off is the scrolling. I had logged a call with T.S. to do this, and they said it was not possible. I've had luck with other tables, but this one is not generated the same way.

it was suggested to

"You can use table.setScrollable(false) on NmHTMLTable used to render the 'Set Up Participants' table. But again this will be an unsupported customization and may also cause some performance issues."

I tried that but it didn't work.

Hi Steve

If you would like to explore an alternative UI approach, please refer the
attached presentation.

Thank you and have a great time.

Best Regards

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