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Source of Numbers that does not drop


Source of Numbers that does not drop

Has anyone had success with setting up a Number Sequence (or other source of Numbers) that does not drop numbers or otherwise create gaps as the OOTB Number Sequences do? I get that for the most part, the primary function of Number is to guarantee uniqueness, but there are some use cases where gaps in the Number Sequence is a factor in usability (mostly User perception).


Method Servers cache blocks of numbers. When they are shutdown or whatever else, those numbers are thrown out. Causes big gaps. You can turn off the caching. Its technically there for performance reasons though if the demand isn't that high, I would certainly give it a try. Won't remove the gaps entirely but it will lessen them.


Stephen Vinyard
Business Development Manager/Solution Architect

All Windchill sequences are created from the Windchill Solution Installer.
Hard to understand why PTC does not fix this fundamental issue. At a minimum it should be documented in 64 FONT, Red, how to do so.

Each has SQL somewhat like this.

You have to one by one change each sequence to NO_CACHE.

I seemed to have no issue with this command (with syntax as shown in Mike's screenshot) to create my custom sequence:
create sequence TEST_REQUEST_SEQ_FY14 increment by 1 nocache;

The key was adding the operator nocache. Of course this goes against PTC's suggestion of how to create a custom sequence:
exec wtpk.createSequence('TEST_REQUEST_SEQ_FY14',1,1)