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Tying ModelCHECK results to Intralink?


Tying ModelCHECK results to Intralink?


I would like to restrict check in of models/assys if there are any failed checks in my modelCHECK report.

Has anyone successfully done this? Can you give me some insight? Details? or point me to the correct documentation?




Is it Intralink 8.0 or Higher ? (Meaning Windchill-based ?)

I have succesfully done it in Windchill 9.0 /9.1 -

Go to the Preference Manager in Utilities and search for "ModelCHECK". There you can enable ModelCHECK Gatekeeper which prohibits check-in of models.

Before you can get it to work, you need to create some attributes in the Windchill type and attribute manager, and enable the creation of the corresponding Pro/ENGINEER parameters in the ModelCHECK initialization settings. They are listed in the ModelCHECK help and in the PTC Guide: "Using Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire with Windchill"

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Thanks Tom,

I am just now getting back to this project.

I have found the following with the search for ModelCHECK as you suggested. However, I do not see anything about Gatekeeper?

Also, I don't know if you picked up on the nuance, but we are in Intralink 9,1 not PDMlink..... that may make a difference?model-check-intralink-ties.png

Hello David,

You don't see the text "Gatekeeper" appear here, but look at the last preference in your screenshot: "Modelcheck Validation". It is set to no. You can also notice that by default it is locked at site level. So if you want to set it in a different context (Product e.g.) then you should first unlock it at site level and then set it to yes in the specific context. This will enable modelcheck validation upon checkin. Also specify the correct Modelcheck configuration files to be used in the preference 'ModelCHECK Configuration'. Setting the Mode to "Save" could be a smart thing too.

Don't worry whether you are using PDMLink 9.1 or Intralink 9.1 - They're both "Windchill Technology" . With relation to Pro/ENGINEER Data Management, both PDMLink and Intralink work the same 😉

Don't hesitate to get back to this topic if you need further help - if time permits, I am willing to add some more info.