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Users Unable to Create Folders


Users Unable to Create Folders

After my company upgraded from Creo 3 / Windchill 10.2 to Creo 5 / Windchill 11.1, end users are no longer able to create folders under our main directory.


How do I give them permission to create folders in our General Product directory in Windchill commonspace?


Policy admin, Object type is subfolder.

Have to decide to provide any/all of: Create, Delete, Edit, for certain Role(s) or group(s).

Set at Site, Org or in a certain Product or Library.

Confirm by right-clicking on an existing folder and selecting Edit Access Control.  Search for user of interest and see what permissions they in fact have.

I don't see the object type "Subfolder."


However I changed permissions for "Folder" to allow everything, and the end user still cannot create folders. Somehow, my site admin profile and use admin profiles can both create folders, but the end user cannot.


Heaving a real hard time figuring out how some profiles have access while others don't.

If they could before but not after the upgrade, may be related to license profile.  Open the profile and filter on Folder.

What do you mean by General Product directory?

Are the users trying to create folders in:

  • A Product/Library
  • An Organization
  • the Site

Those are the main Contexts I know of. We haven't upgraded to 11.1 yet, and I'm wondering if we'll have a similar issue. 

Users are trying to make folders in what we call "general product."


This exists at the product/library level. The Site-admin and Organization-admin accounts can create folders. End-users cannot. Can't for the life of me figure out why!

"Folder" is the display name for the 'Subfolder" object type.  There are four possible issues.

1. Type Instantiation

If instantiation of the "Folder" (internal type "Subfolder") has been disabled, then it isn't possible for ANYONE to create a folder in any context.  FYI: If a type is not instantiable, then it it excluded from the Domain Policy type list when creating new access permissions.


2. Domain Policies

Deciphering Domain Policies can be tedious because of the multiple inheritances and rules involved.  The participants who need to create Folders need Read and Create permissions on the Subfolder type.  If these users are in a Print/View group then they may have absolute deny permissions for creating anything.  Don't remove that permission, just take the users out of the Print/View group.


Context managers have Full Control permissions on WTObject.  So they can do anything.  Most likely the role for the users doesn't have permissions to create Subfolder objects.


3. License Profiles

"PTC PDMLink *", "PTC ProjectLink *", "Author", and I believe "Contributor" licenses are allowed to create content (e.g. Folders).  You can quickly review by going to these profiles and searching for "Folder".  There will be "Create Folders" and "Edit Folder" lines.  If they are checked then licensing allows folder creation.


4. Standard Profiles

Standard Profiles are a second level of filtering.  License Profiles may allow Folder creation and the Standard Profiles may take it away.  So, validate if the users belong to any Standard Profiles and confirm "Create Folders" is checked.

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