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WF4.0 license issue when using Ilink3.4


WF4.0 license issue when using Ilink3.4

Hi people,

I've got a remote user that uses a local locked license for WF4.0. A while back I was tasked to get him into our Intralink3.4 system so his data is managed properly (using one of our floating licenses). No problem, I loaded it up, trained him, he is using it & all is well. However, whenever he launches Pro into his workspace, it grabs the license for Pro from our server.

I run ptcsetup.bat from the folderPro is located& it is pointing to the local license.

Anyone have any ideas on how I should have this configured?


Joe S.


WF4.0 license issue when using Ilink3.4

By way of clarification:

When this remote user launches the tools, you want his setup to grab a Pro/INTRALINK license from your floating pool, but grab the actual Pro/E (WF4) license from his local setup?

What does the PTD_D_LICENSE_FILE line look like in the users PROE1.PSF file?

I'm not sure I can help, but this information should at least help in understanding the specifics of this situation.

--Jim Augeri
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RE: WF4.0 license issue when using Ilink3.4

Hi Joe,

I'll add to Jim's response.

Because I'm lazy, I would just go into the "proe1.psf" file and change this line "ENV=PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE-=C:\ptc\lm_448..."

The "C:\ptc\lm_448..." is whatever your license file is. Just make sure


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