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WIndchill 10.1 M040

WIndchill 10.1 M040

Has anybody had issues with tomcat ports using multi method servers and backgroundmethod servers in Windchill 10.1 M040?


WIndchill 10.1 M040

If you accidentally configure to run more than one Solr instance, then
you will run into such issues.

Otherwise you shouldn't.

WIndchill 10.1 M040


Here is what I configured to install

New Installation

Windchill PDMLink

Windchill ProjectLink

Enable Remote File Server Support

- Windchill Index Search (Solr)

- Enable Windchill Index Search

Windchill Index Search Host Name


Directory to store Index Search Data


Windchill Index Search Port Number


Default Indexing Language


Index Search Language List

- English

- Creo View

- Thumbnail Generator and Viewable Compression Utilities

Installing To: C:\apps\ptc\wc10_1\Windchill

Disk Space Required: 7.42 GB

Herb Miller
TWeatherford, Inc.
3148 Beach Blvd
Cicero, IN 46034


RE: WIndchill 10.1 M040

Do you have multiple BGMS configured?

Even if you are using a Windchill cluster, with SOLR enabled, only ONE BGMS can have embedded Tomcat enabled.

There are many KB articles related to this, here is a good one to start with:

While wt.tomcat.embeddedMode.solr seems to provide more fine grained configuration choices (YES, NO, ONLY), I have seen issues with this andrecommendusing the wt.manager.cmd.<bgms>.param.12=<null>to disable embedded Tomcat onall non-SOLR instances.