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Where-Used to Workspace


Where-Used to Workspace


Is there a method to Add to Workspace Where-Used Objects?

1. Info of a CAD Part

2. Related Objects/Where Used (Shows 65 Top Level Assemblies)

The Where Used Display does not have an Actions Menu so no way to Add to Workspace, or Copy to Clipboard...
You have to Info each one and add to workspace...

Anyone thought of a way to get them all down to a Workspace.

Brian Sullivan
Sr. Application Engineer
800.800.1714 x3139



I've seen this request while in a previous postion.

The problem is the amount of time it would take to generate this information. Imagine an assembly consisting of several hundred components. Many will have a single 'where used' entry. However, many others might have a where used in hundreds of assemblies (thousands?). Generation of workspace views can already be slow and clunky once one gets too many files in the workspace. Now add a column that might contain links to thousands more objects due to the Where Used column. This becomes especially hairy when dealing with library parts like screws or washers.

In your example, you get infor on a CAD Part, showing 65 where used locations. When you add No. 1 of 65 where used models to your workspace, the workspace table view will have to generate a 'where used' output for each component of that assembly, meaning 100s of entries. Repeat with No. 2 of 65 where used models. I imagine you won't get anywhere near 65 before it becomes untenable.

We thought of creating a custom view for the workspace that shows nothing but the initial CAD Part, thus speeding up the view generation, instead of filling in a where used column on hundreds or thousands of files. In the end we didnt' even get that far after discussing it with a PTC tech. Their indication was that it might be better to tap into the database to generate a where used list for a CAD Part and that pursuing it though Windchill was a non-starter.

I just don't see it as feasible for use even if it were possible to list Where Used in the workspace.


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