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Where to learn about Windows scripting?


Where to learn about Windows scripting?

I need to manipulate about 9000 files, rename, find the latest version of each, etc, before I import into Windchill, I need more knowledge on Windows scripting and commands first though, anybody have any recommendations on where to go to learn Windows script programming?


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I use this place a lot:

Hi Marc.

Windows has a few options for scripting. You can use the PowerShell but that is likely to change and become incompatible with future releases of Windows. Then you have to learn a new language and adapt all your scripts.

I recommend you invest your time into learning a language that will resist time. Perl is available on Windows and is pretty good with manipulating strings and files. Another good option is to install Cygwin on your Windows box. At that point, you get access to all the power of Unix with bash scripting, awk, sed and all the great Unix tools. These tools will also resist time.

Unix rules!

UNIX?!? What is that? (:


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Yeah, I would imagine that there are people out there who don't remember

#cat > /dev/null
awk, what he sed

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And some out there who are glad they can't remember it!

What? I remember the fun of searching for core dump files…

Back to answer the original question. I suggest this out of print book.

Windows NT Shell Scripting by Tim Hill.

Many available on Amazon.

By the way, the web site listed in the book with the example script, it defunct. You can find the examples here as a zip file:

I'd lean towards AutoIt rather than scripting. It is a more straightforward programming language that has features dedicated to automating operation of Windows. It can be used to coordinate the operation of multiple applications that weren't designed to work together.


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