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Windchill 10.1 and Java


Windchill 10.1 and Java

Hi All,

I am wondering what the correct Java build should be used with Windchill 10.1 on client machines running Windows 7 64bit.

We are using Creo 2.0 M080 with Windchill 10.1 M040.

There are some users that are losing connection and some work is not being saved properly. This is leading to a mismatch in cache data between the Server Workspace and the Client Workspace.

We are not sure if this a Java issue but trying to check different avenues where an error may occur.

Thank you.


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Re: Windchill 10.1 and Java

Unless you're using an applet at the time, the version of Java on the client is not relevant to Creo/Windchill connectivity issues.

Re: Windchill 10.1 and Java

Hi jess,

Thank you for the information.

So I am assuming that this means that when Windchill launches the embedded browser within Creo that the version of Java is of no consequence?

What about the version of IE itself? Should it be 64bit if I am running 64bit Creo on Win7 64bit or is 32bit okay?

IE 9, 10, or 11? Is there a build that should not be used because of compatibility issues?

Thank you again for your assistance.

Re: Windchill 10.1 and Java

Yes, the version of Java on the client is of no consequence most of the time. The exception is when you're running an applet (e.g. using an applet for non-CAD document upload, whereas you could just use the browser's upload mechanism instead albeit with fewer features).

I don't know all the Creo compatibility ins and outs. Those are best examined on the product support matrices on the technical support site.

Re: Windchill 10.1 and Java

There are some synchronization issues we started observing.

We did put some IE hotfixes, but still we are not sure if workspace synchronization issues are introduced by IE hotfixes.

Looking into logs, we only see this message:

2014-03-05 14:23:54,043 ERROR [ajp-bio-8010-exec-229] com.ptc.windchill.uwgm.proesrv.StandardRequestDispatcher username- StandardRequestDispatcher.dispatchRequest :: Runtime failure(s)


I am not sure if this can be related to what you are observing.

I was looking into Software compatibility matrix document for client, but I can't find any information on IE builds compatibility.

There is a mention - There are known issues using Internet Explorer on Vista. Please refer to TAN 138195, but TAN reports "You are trying to access an article which has been unpublished for maintenance".

We have opened a case with PTC Technical Support.


Re: Windchill 10.1 and Java

Hi Nitin,

Thank you for your message.

What we are observing is the de-activation of a workspace while Creo is running. The user is working and saving files but what they do not realize is that the workspace becomes deactivated. The user thinks that the files have been saved to workspace. When the user exits Pro/E or changes workspaces, all work is lost.

I myself have seen my server side workspace revert to earlier instances of files.

I reverted to an earlier frame in some workspaces and managed to retrieve some work. After the work was retrieved I was told I was out of sync with the server workspace.

Strange behavior that has been happening. Unfortunately we do not know how long it has been happening. Some can recreate the event, others cannot.

It is disrupting our workflow and user are beginning to not trust any saved work.

Any help would be great to find the root cause.

Thanks again,


Re: Windchill 10.1 and Java

Hi Brian,

Per the software matrix IE9 is supported with your configuration. You can also use IE10 per the article CS151515. Am not sure which version of IE you are using.

A couple things to check.

1. Any specific action which results in this behaviour workspace getting de-activated. Also, when you say de-activated. does the connection to server still remains.

2. Are you experiencing similar issue if you change your Creo embedded browser to Firefox.


Re: Windchill 10.1 and Java

Hi Syed,

User have been switched to Firefox by the CAD administrator. IE11 came installed on the new Dell Laptop but has since been removed due to other incompatability issues.

I believe the connection to the server remains but the workspace gets de-activated. If the user changes the workspace without checking if it had de-activated, then they could lose work.

I have shared the CS151515 article with the administrator but he just wants to go back to IE8 or leave Firefox in place.

I have been running IE10 with Creo 2.0 M100 without any issues, yet. I am still not completely satisfied or confident in the "Cached" working environement and fear that we will again lose work without knowing.

Best Regards,


Re: Windchill 10.1 and Java

Did you ever find a good solution to this?  We are experiencing the same issue.  Where a user saves their work, and checks it in without any apparent errors but the next day the work is all gone and it is as if the day never happened.  All the files are back to the previous saved version.

I just wiped out the install and reloaded Creo2 M200 and we are using Windchill 10.1 M040 and IE9 browser.  He has tons of problems every day and it is hard to understand what is happening. 

Re: Windchill 10.1 and Java

When was the last time they cleared out all the workspaces, cache, etc?

When one of my users have strange things happening in their workspace the first thing I ask them to do is to run through a procedure to actually delete the PTC directory.  Basically: Check everything in, delete all workspaces through Creo except one, copy any setting changes (web_favorites.xml), close creo and delete the PTC directory.  Restart Creo.

Most of the time it clears up the problem.