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Windchill 10 performance with IE8 / GCF / FF


Windchill 10 performance with IE8 / GCF / FF

Has anyone tested Windchill 10.0 performance using IE8, IE9, IE8 + GCF, Firefox, Google Chrome?

I am looking for information from the Windchill 10.0 user base for any performance test metric datawhen using various browsers (IE8 / GCF / FF).

Thank you for your help,

Danny N. Poisson
IDS - Integrated Defense Systems
Raytheon Company

5-Regular Member

We have tested some of these.

IE8 = unusable for large BOMs or any large data sets of any kind. We
tested this extensively.

IE8 with GCF = acceptable performance. We tested this extensively. We
use this.

IE9 we did not test this extensively because it was not an option for us
at the time we went live. However, the limited testing we did showed that
it was much faster than IE8 without GCF.

Firefox and Google Chrome both had acceptable performance, although they
were not realistic options for our enterprise due to our security and
support concerns given that we don't have any IT infrastructure to monitor
updates to those browsers like we do for IE.

I know that PTC will use Firefox during demos, so clearly many of their
users who want Windchill to look good use that.

On thing to consider is that Pro/E aka CREO's embedded browser is either
IE or Mozilla (Firefox). In our version of Creo elements pro 5 (aka
Wildfire 5), there are some functionality problems with Mozilla that
require us to use IE, although I couldn't tell you exactly what they are
since I am not one of our CAD experts.

Al Anderson

Hi Danny, I don't have any metrics on hand but I have certainly seen a lot of cases.

Here is my experience:

1- Chrome is fast - guys at R&D have told me that Chrome and the Chrome frame for IE is your best bet for using a web browser. (Google knows their Java very well)

2- Mozilla Firefox - This used to work quite well and PTC indicated that a 10% performance boost was to be had at once point. That being said, Mozilla has since gone on an insane update schedule and it has imo ruined its advantage in Windchill. Some things are great still but others still aren't. Also it forces you to use newer java versions (7) which aren't support on 10.0. Chrome is a better option

3- IE - IE is a tricky beast as it can be configured by IT a million different ways via Group Policy. Sometimes these configurations don't effect Windchill and other times it does. Gets automatically updated. IE10 won't be supported immediately I'm sure.

a. IE8 - not as fast as IE9

b. IE9 - works well and is my general Go-To browser now. Its fully supported.

i. Note: 64bit version requires Java 64bit

Embedded Browsers:

1- IE - uses whatever IE version you have installed

a. In Separate Process is the best embedded browser option (set via windows_browser_type I think)

i. This gives IE its own process and doesn't lump it in with Xtop.exe

b. InProcess isn't the best but works well enough. It's the default

2- Mozilla_Based - It can be quicker maybe and you won't get stupid Java script errors.

i. I will recommend customers use this if their IE configuration is problematic.

ii. It is mozilla that COMES WITH CREO. No Mozilla install is needed

iii. It runs Mozilla 3.4 iirc as a separate Gecko process (Mozilla's EXE)

iv. Popups many times show up behind the Creo Screen and cause headaches for users.

1. We have asked for this fix for years. Nothing has happened yet

2. May have other issues as well. It needs an update


Steve Vinyard
Application Engineer


One note - IE9 64bit uses as much less efficient Javascript engine versus IE9 32bit - if you are working with IE9 plan to stick with the 32bit version

Thanks Jeff, this is great news.


Steve Vinyard
Application Engineer


Thank you for the information.

Danny N. Poisson
Product Lifecycle Management Value Stream Manager
Common PDM Deputy Technical Director

I.T. Solutions
Integrated Defense Systems
Raytheon Company
(Cell) +1.978.888.3696

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Woburn, MA 01801 USA

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I had problems using Learning Connector in Creo 2.0 with IE8+GCF. It stopped with a Java Script error upon launch. I needed GCF to support HTML5.
I now use Mozilla embedded in Creo 2.0 for performance and HTML5 support.

Best Regards,
Bjarne Frandsen


When you are in Creo the browser falls back to IE8 only as plugins are not supported in the integrated browser inside Creo.
21-Topaz I

PDMLink 10.0 M040 and WF4 M220.

The last week and a half we installed Google Chrome Frame on all computers that access PDMLink. The increase in speed wasn't large but any increase in speed is good.

We can't use FF or Google Chrome because it's not approve by our IT department.

Well, we upgraded to WC 10.0 this past weekend and I have already decided to removeGCF from everyone's computer. It affected too many aspect negatively.

1. Pro/E: Using thetab in the left pane in Pro/E to search for files. The results return in that AND in the main Pro/E window. With GCF installed the main window is blank.

2. Salesforce: I'm sure there are thoseon these boardsthat use this. GCF removed the right-click menu pick Save Target As and they cannot download attached files. I don't use it but I think it removed a couple other menu options.

3. DTI: Our user's have the problem that when uploading a document to PDMLink the Target icon is missing. I removed GCF and it came back.

4. This was already mentioned by someone. We have a user we gave Creo 2 for testing. With GCF installed the Learning Connector does not work.

And who know what else this affects.

The slight increase in speed does not out-weight the problems. It's just not worth it.

Goodbye GCF, we hardly knew ye.

Steve G