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Windchill - Publishing Worker Options


Windchill - Publishing Worker Options

I haven't seen a list of options specifically for Creo Parametric publishing workers, so I thought I would post the options I use and ask for feedback.

Some of these options could be outdated. We first started using Windchill at version 9.0 with Pro/Engineer WF 4 content. I usually scan the options for changes as I update Creo Parametric (Pro/E) on the worker machines to make sure they are still valid, but the list of options grows larger and larger. It would be easy to miss some important changes.

Also, some of these options only work with newer versions of Creo Parametric, like 3.0. I recently added windows_browser_type = chromium_browser since it is the supported browser packaged with the application. Setting this option helps avoid IE settings that could cause problems or could be updated automatically without my knowledge through Windows group policy.

I would really like to hear from others on this. Please comment.

My options:

datum_display NO

datum_point_display NO

datum_point_symbol CROSS

display_coordinate_sys NO

spin_center_display NO

display_axes NO

trail_dir d:\Worker\Trail

enable_shaded_view_in_drawings yes

dm_emulate_ilink_sys_parameters yes

pen_table_file d:\Worker\PLOT\ljeta.pnt

use_8_plotter_pens YES

dm_checkout_on_the_fly continue

dm_auto_conflict_resolution yes

dm_remember_server no

allow_freeze_failed_assy_comp yes

freeze_failed_assy_comp yes

edge_display_quality high

multiple_skeletons_allowed yes

parenthesize_ref_dim yes

suppress_appearance_message yes

windows_browser_type chromium_browser

suppress_license_loss_dialog yes


Re: Windchill - Publishing Worker Options


When I search in Creo3 to "freeze_failed_assy_comp" (is in you list), I find "allow_freeze_failed_assy_comp".  So the old option is replaced by a new one with a slightly different effect.  But it hinders us now, since we have a lot of assemblies with frozen components.

Regards,  Hugo.


Re: Windchill - Publishing Worker Options

Thanks for looking over my list and commenting. According to PTC TS article CS195719, freeze_failed_assy_comp has no effect starting with Creo Parametric 3. It looks like the new option allow_freeze_failed_assy_comp set to YES only allows a user to manually fix location of a failed component, but now there is no option to automatically freeze failed components when opening an assembly. Can you confirm this? I don't currently have access to Creo Parametric.


Re: Windchill - Publishing Worker Options

Here are a few more that might be helpful:

     bump_revnum_on_retr_regen no

     display_planes no

     display_points no

     draw_models_read_only yes

     model_note_display no

     regen_int_mdls_on_retr no

     regenerate_read_only_objects no

     web_browser_homepage about:blank