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Windchill change management - BOMs

22-Sapphire I

Windchill change management - BOMs

We've now done > 10,000 changes electronically using Windchill Change Requests / Notices / Tasks. In parallel, we've been creating full product Structure for all new and changed Parts/Assy's (DESIGN View only so far). Some 50,000 Parts exist, with 800,000 where-used relationships.

Changes to drawing dimensions, notes, text in Word documents, etc. are handled by marking up a representation stored in Windchill, which is duly approved, then executed.

But - For BOM changes we still print and mark up a BOM from the ERP system, then attach that to the Windchill change request. Windchill product structure is modified to match. We then run a comparison of the updated ERP BOM toWindchill product structure (via sophisticated Excel macros) as a check.

We're hoping to evolve to defining BOM changes in Windchill by somehow marking / annotating / making a draft of Product Structure, and having that approved and then executed during the change process. It does not currently seem straight forward to do this.

So, the question is: Is anyone currently actually using Windchill to somehow propose BOM changes and using that in change management? If so, we'd love to compare notes. If not, we'd love to understand what is preventing you from doing so.

thanks in advance


Hi Mike,

It seems to me that your ERP system is the master over the BOM structure, not your PLM. Right? And that you suggest to change this over. Right?

Anyway, this is also the situation at our place, mainly for historical reasons. Conceptually, PLM should be master of the BOM, and promoting a certain level in the BOM to Released should trigger the transfer of this level from PLM to ERP. That's the way I think it should work. But again, this is wishfull thinking.

Met vriendelijke groeten, Regards,


That's exactly true: The BOM master is in ERP to date.

But - We have multiple facilities in the company that (thru acquisitions, etc.) have different ERP systems, and each buys components or assy's or services from others. We truly need to get to the point of having the complete single product definition in Windchill - with variations as needed in each ERP system for mfg.

Lots of difficult concepts to work thru w/all involved but necessary.

From: Hermans Hugo [

Hi @MikeLockwood & @HugoHermans,


I just came across this post, a little older one I know but I am looking for a solution to a similar feature.

Has any one of you got some insights into this, as in how are BOM changes handled in change management in Windchill11. Any references or ideas would be great.


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