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Windchill to Windchill Integration


Windchill to Windchill Integration

Looking for options to Integrate 2 Windchill systems, Is there any solution available from PTC for same ?


or any other ideas ?


The devil will be in the details of what "integrating" the system means.

Need a simple truth table:

- create / modify xx in system 1; what happens in system 2?

- create / modify yy in system 2; what happens in system 1, if anything?


 Windchill Packages is likely what will be applicable.

Hello Mike,


One system will have the EBOM Data and need to push this data to other Windchill system and create MBOM and perform related manufacturing data management operations  there in other Windchill instance. 


Trying to understand is there any tool available from PTC for same ?




Definitely complex - but less so if only WTParts and Mfg Instructions are involved vs. if all CAD, etc. was involved.


I'm not aware of any way to push all new / changed info from the source to the target, but a methodical use of Packages likely can be used at least as a start.

General info about packages:


Here is one key paragraph from the Help info at this link:

"The other scenario where Windchill packages can be used to improve collaboration is between two Windchill installations within the same company. For example, a company might have two Windchill instances for security (such as an unclassified and a classified installation) or geographical considerations with the desire to replicate a common part or document library between them. A replication package can be used to replicate the information in these libraries from one system to the other."


so... this link primarily applies:


5-Regular Member

As mentioned in the previous answer, there is a native method to use Windchill replication packages to connect two Windchill systems. However, this approach involves a manual effort to trigger replication between the systems.

If you are looking for automated sync alternatives for the integration of two Windchill systems, OpsHub is an excellent option. A PTC partner, OpsHub offers a federated integration platform that can help ease your integration journey.  

OpsHub also takes care of more specialized use cases like:


  • Field-level conflict management: During bidirectional integration, there is a possibility of data being updated simultaneously on the source and target systems. OpsHub takes care of conflict management in such cases.
  • Data granularity: OpsHub integration solution also integrates history between the systems. E.g., between the two syncs, if the user modifies the status from Open -> In Progress -> Resolved on the source or target system, the OpsHub integration tool allows users to see the exact transition (Open -> In Progress -> Resolved) happening in another system too. 
  • Supported entities: OpsHub supports the integration of the entities, Change Order, Change Request, Defect, Document, Input, Input Document, Shared Input, Library, MKS Solution, Model, Model Element, Shared Model Element, Portfolio, Product, Project, Requirement, etc. along with custom entities, between two Windchill systems.

Please reach out to OpsHub’s integration experts for an initial free consultation on integration planning.




Definitely complex.  I would recommend contracting with a company or consultant.  There are several out there.  This is not something you want to take on yourself if you haven't done it before.

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