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Thumbnail in Reports


Thumbnail in Reports

I am using Windchill PDMLink Release 11.2 and Datecode with CPS

Thumbnail attribute is added to Info page layout. This is supposed to be added in reports.
Its working on VM with demo data, but not on any server where visualization is generated through workers.





Hi @RK_10318816 

Where is a problem? You share a screens that it works. 


If visualization exists the thumbnail is shown ok. 

If Visualization is not shown on the detail page the thumbnail can not be shown in a report. 


For example,

1. Checkin CAD Document with connected WTPart,

2. Checkout/in WTPart 

3. Check if the visualization is shown on the detail page. If not then this can be issue.


In my case it works. 





Hello PetrH,


Thank you for your reply!
Can you please tell me which version of Windchill are you using?

In my local VM, it is WC 12 and  it is working as expected.
The below one is from WC 11.2, even though we have visualization, its not showing up for thumbnail attribute.

We did not understand the root cause.





Hi @RK_10318816 


Windchill version is what I use now. But it works in others  earlier versions.


I would check the connection to a CAD Document. If there is owner link and the CAD Document is checked in together with WTPart.

If there is just image link between EPM and WTP then the thumbnail is not shown. 


There is very important point. The visualization has to be the default one.


Also go to the Visualization tab on the WTPart, (you have to add it >D) and try to download the default visualization in a zip file




Check if the zip contains a JPG file. This JPG is thumbnail that should be shown in the thumbnail attribute



Hello PetrH,


There is a CAD Document attached as Owner whose representation is default, another CAD Document with Contributing Content link.'

Owner link CAD Doc's representation's thumbnail is visible in details page. 
Also, the zip has both files -jpg, small-jpg. Still it is not working.


I just collect information of the issue. 

Has been the wtpart checked in together with owner EPM Document? 

I've experienced the issue but it was cased by wrong creation EPMDocument with wtpart and wrong link and so on. 


In your case it seems that all things are ok but 😄





I think i have done everything as expected.

I would like to know if its working on 11.2 version to confirm its a release specific issue.



Hi @RK_10318816 

I don't have any idea what can be the issue.

 It should work in Windchill 11.2 



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