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Windows 7, Right Click


Windows 7, Right Click


I've got a .bat file which runs the purge command and deletes all the garbage files which I want to add as a right click option. I'm new to Windows7 so when I searched on this topic it is clear that the XP method to add right click to folder is gone. Can anyone walk me through the process of adding my file D:\working\CLEANPRO-ALL.BAT as a right click in Windows7. I'm guessing this has to be a regedit at this point but I welcome alternatives.

I'm also curious if there are new methods besides batch files to do this.

I found a couple of hits on this top but nothing new so I thought I would check to see if there is a new fix, apologies for the off topic and multiple posting.




I am not sure how you were adding the command before, but here is one solution.

Add the following to the Windows registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Clean Creo files"
"Icon"="D:\\PTC\\Creo 2.0\\Parametric\\install\\nt\\creologo.ico"


Note: Under the main node, the "Extended" key is a flag - if it exists, you must use Shift + RMB for command to appear. Good if your context menu is already cluttered! Icon entry is optional, but makes it standout.

There are many ways to merge into the registry...for a small number of systems, just paste the lines to a text file "ptcpurge.reg" and double click file to add.

Many customers also add cleanup scripts to Creo startup script, Windows login script, or scheduled task to automate and avoid the need for user intervention.

There are several utilities that can perform this task, as well as purge old .# recursively.

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