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Wizard step validator


Wizard step validator


I defined afterVK validator for my wizard step (extends DefaultUIComponentValidator).

I have 2 questions i cann't find answers for in customization guide.

1) Validator works in both ways (Back and Next). I need it to work only when moving forward. How to disable it for "Back" button?

2) If i have an error while validation process, i show it at pop-up window by specifying UIValidationFeedbackMsg for UIValidationResult. How should i define UIValidationResult to disable pop-up if a i have no error. I have no error - i don't want show anything for user. But now pop-up window with NULL message arises.



2) You can show something in success case like that:

FeedbackMessage localFeedbackMessage =

new FeedbackMessage(FeedbackType.FAILURE, ChangeManagementClientHelper.getLocale()," paramString1", null, new String[] { "paramString2" });

And don't show anything in failure case.


Can you please tell me how to add validation on each field ? Suppose after an user selected a document

type five attribute fields appeared in object creation page so I need to add validation on each attribute field.


The first question is still actual. Is it possible to define what button was pressed?

I am not sure, but try this:

Every wizard step is the jsp page. On every page you can get and set attributes and parameters of the request object. You can create some parameter and keep there previous step value.

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Were you able to get this resolved?


Were you able to get the resolution?

Like, can we identify when Back button is clicked and when Next/Finish is clicked?

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