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Workflow code - CAD object iterate and set state after promotion


Workflow code - CAD object iterate and set state after promotion

I am adding an In Work Prototype state to my lifecycle and creating a new promotion workflow for this action.

This is for approving and locking the CAD objects when building prototypes for changed production parts.

I want the version(s) that is promoted (let's say A.3) to remain in the In Work Prototype state so it is locked.

I then need to create a new iteration(s) (A.4) and set it back to the In Work state.

This could happen more than once with the final version (A.7) getting released through ECR/ECN.

I was thinking this could be done in a robot at the end of the promotion workflow.

Any ideas?


Work backward from: I have a cardboard box with 5 prototype parts in it.  The box and parts are labeled "Rev A."  You only want there to be one Rev A in Windchill that could possibly define these parts.  So - Once you lock Rev A from further iteration, you have to go to Rev B.  So - Revise, then Check out / Edit / Check In at Rev B ideally gives what is needed.  But - If you then have 3 variations of Rev B, each resulting in a cardboard box of prototype parts marked "Rev B" it gets a bit more complex.

For this reason, many people use numbered Revision ahead of production release, and just keep Revising (no harm being at Rev 32 by the time it's production released.  One Rev <> One set of parts (or quotes, or lab tests).

Else - you get into the various ways of handling "branching" once in production.  Using ProjectLink is suggested here - could be a bit complex.  In general using up lots of Revisions is ok - they're free.

Thanks for your quick reply!

OK, I should have used Version B.3 in my explanation.

We do use numeric revisions prior to Release.

In this case Rev A is released and we are working on a change to Rev B.

It is decided that we should prototype this change before releasing Rev B.

So it is required that the CAD data for that version of B (B.3) be approved and locked.

If the change requires a tweak, this cycle may repeat.

Got it.  Universal need.  May have to live with multiple boxes of Rev B prototype parts that are different - just have to be disciplined and include the Iteration on all labeling.


- Create the new state as planned in the LC template.  Set Promotion Transition from the working state.  Use Promotion to this state with no workflow.  Alternate: could use Set State form working state to this state.

- From the new state, set Transitions to a) go to Released the normal way or b) go back to the working state via another Promotion with no workflow.

If using Promotion, have to set up different workflow process depending on the target state via Promotion Preference.Management.

If using Set State, have to give Set State ACL to users at the source state (both working and new in this case) in addition to the Set State transition in the LC.

May want to limit Read access to the new state while prototyping is in process.

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