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Workflow routing options radio buttons


Workflow routing options radio buttons

So we have migrated our workflows from 9.1 to 11.0.  We have got most things to work.

One issue, If there is a workflow task that goes to multiple users (all users required to complete) at the same time and there is a routing choice of radio buttons.  The task displays with nothing preselected, which is how it should.  So that user makes a selection and completes the task.  But when the next user looks at the task, the routing radio button is preselected with the previous users selection.  I would expect each user to view the task and the routing options are not selected.  What is going on?

This works correctly in 9.1, with the blank radio buttons for each user. 


We are having the same issues from 10.2 to 11.0.  Have you resolved this issue?  I have opened a call with PTC today.

No, haven't figured this out.

Sounds like a bug to me.  Did you report a call?

Yes, I have opened a call with PTC.  They indicated it seems to be a bug and they are going to initiate a thread with R&D.  I will keep everyone posted.


Thanks.  I think we were told, it's as designed, but it wasn't this way in 9.1, so yes it seems like a bug.

I opened a call with PTC.  I have tried the changing the setDefualtRoutingEvent property from True to Fales, but only the first task is not pre-selected.  Once one approver votes, the rest change based on previous vote.

    1. To prevent a default routing option from being selected, set
      • com.ptc.windchill.enterprise.workitem.dataUtilities.setDefaultRoutingEvent to false:
    2. Execute the following command from a Windchill shell:
  • xconfmanager –s com.ptc.windchill.enterprise.workitem.dataUtilities.setDefaultRoutingEvent=false -t codebase/ –p


  1. Restart Windchill Method Server

 Still doesn't work as expected.  I will keep you posted on my next option.

@JenniferKnieper and @kschwartz - would you send me your case numbers please.  You can send message them to me directly if you wish.


Thank you.

Message from PTC. 

This behaviour is works to product specification multi-user task even though setDefaultRoutingEvent property is set to False.


Please refer to CS263997.


I'm going to start look at a workaround for some of your promotion processes.


I would like to change how the promotion process works, so we don't have the radio button isses.  I would like to create indiviual tasks, but still leverage the tally.  I have found some examples to use on the Complete Task Transistion, but they are still using the one task with mutliple roles. Any help would be appreciated.

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