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is it possible to switch to another sql database in windchill test environment


is it possible to switch to another sql database in windchill test environment

Hi Experts



I have installed WC in my laptop (act as WC server/client/SQL DB server) for demo & test purposes.


I have used it for few months now and so it is currently with many CAD/nonCAD files, preference settings, products, my own query builder reports (no programming)..etc.,


Now I want to switch to a new clean SQL DB. Is this possible. Then I can same way switch back to current DB if anything to be referred.


I am using WC 11 M20 CPS12


Kindly let me know the outline of steps (if possible). 


Thank you,




Hi @rsingaram,

I am not expert in Windchill installation and configuration area, but to me this requirement seems logically possible.


I found there are two properties in file which points to database Windchill is using.<db_host_on_which_database_is_installed>



I believe if those two property values are pointed to new db instance, it should work. 


Make sure you have dbUser and dbPassword as previous db instance as below two properties controlling this behaviour:



I am not sure how much it is supported and practically work, but these are my thoghts. You can quickly double check by logging PTC Support Case. 




Thanks for both suggestions. Appreciate your responses.


I spent quiet sometime like duplicating existing active DB, drop/recreate tables and connecting. But method server could not start and struck up with the step of  "not able to connect to new DB". Later landed up with quiet DB issues propping up one after other to correct this issue.


Probably the best way (I need to try) to take a backup of a fresh DB after installation and switch to that instead of copying existing DB, and try to drop tables to make it empty.


Using the "rehost" utility - I am not daring to do it now - based on the above, if my current working DB is corrupted, my work will be lost.


I will update this when I have a new hardware to test a new fresh DB installation copy/switch or rehost to a new DB.

Thank you again.


- Ravi





While Windchill only knows about its database from the settings the database in turn is holding information about how to access data stored in the WindchillDS LDAP database.

Due to this complexity the Rehost Tool should be preferred.

Once correctly configured it can be easily reused for identical scenarios.

Furthermore it avoids losing time in troubleshooting systems which got "broken" by inappropriate steps.


Best regards




I would look into using the rehosting utility.  It basically allows you to "rehost" all (or small pieces) of your instance - including database changes.  You could configure the batch file for both scenarios, and easily switch back and forth by maintaining two folder structures.  The things you need to be sure of though are when you have customizations outside of the database (custom roles & lifecycle states as an example) that change between your versions, that you have a way to deploy/reconfigure those.


Also, (and I am assuming this is not the case) if you have vaulting set up (instead of all files going into the DB), be sure to use different vault locations as well.


Hope this helps.



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