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notification issue


notification issue

Hi All,

I have an issue with notification queue.

Every time I query an object using code and update it, an entry is created in notification queue.

I want to avoid this.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: notification issue

Do you have a subscription enabled for those objects which are updated through the query? What your query does?  Do you have an advanced life cycle for the objects you are trying to update?

Thank you

Binesh Kumar

Barry Wehmiller

Re: notification issue

I am querying latest version of a part. Here is the code i am using:

  1. Queryspec:

    QuerySpec querySpec = new wt.query.QuerySpec(WTPart.class);

    querySpec.appendWhere(new wt.query.SearchCondition(WTPart.class, "master>number", wt.query.SearchCondition.EQUAL, partNumber, true), new int[]{0});


    querySpec.appendWhere(new wt.query.SearchCondition(WTPart.class,"",wt.query.SearchCondition.EQUAL,viewNum), new int[]{0});

    QueryResult queryResult = PersistenceHelper.manager.find((StatementSpec)querySpec);



        part = (WTPart) PartHelper.getLatestVersion((WTPart) queryResult.nextElement());


  2. Info Engine Task:

<ie:webject name="Search-Objects" type="OBJ">

   <ieSmiley Tonguearam name="INSTANCE" data="<%=processor%>"/>

  <ieSmiley Tonguearam name="ATTRIBUTE" data="name,number,^name" delim=","/>

  <ieSmiley Tonguearam name="dbUser" data="wcadmin"/>

  <ieSmiley Tonguearam name="PassWd" data="wcadmin"/>

  <ieSmiley Tonguearam name="WHERE" data="(number='<%=partNumber%>')"/>

  <ieSmiley Tonguearam name="WHERE" data="(^name='<%=viewName%>')"/>

  <ieSmiley Tonguearam name="VERSION" data="LATEST"/>

  <ieSmiley Tonguearam name="TYPE" data="WCTYPE|wt.part.WTPart"/>

  <ieSmiley Tonguearam name="GROUP_OUT" data="partInfo"/>


All the objects have Basic lifecycle.

Re: notification issue

Hi Sudeep,

The above expression only queries the data, can you share the the API's used to update the object .



Re: notification issue

As Binesh said, first thing is to see if their are any subscriptions on the objects. Second is to check to see if you have any notification policies configured in the system.

Experience tells me to check the simple stuff first

Re: notification issue

Its OOTB behavior. When you check out and check in part, notification entries are created.