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objects removed from workspace when "undo checkout"


objects removed from workspace when "undo checkout"

has anyone else seen this, the weird part is doesn't always remove the objects, its kind of a hit or miss thing but lately its becoming way more consistent.


i have the preference set to keep checkout after check-in, and when i'm done with it i just do a mass undo checkout either from the workspace or from the workspace menu where it shows all my workspaces and at the bottom it shows everything i have checked out, but then when i go back in there i'll have objects missing from the workspace, sometimes just the drawings are missing and the assemblies are still in there and other times the drawings and assembly are gone.


unfortunately i haven't noticed any patterns of when it does and/or doesn't do it.


thank guys/gals

22-Sapphire I

When you remove from workspace, the file is still on the local disk. It's only removed when you clear cache.

This allows for Workspace Frames, which allows going back to a previous point.


Super important to clear cache whenever using:

- import from local disk in parallel with pulling from Windchill

- having same in multiple workspaces

i'm not intentionally removing the files, my intent is to keeping them in my workspace after i undo checkout.

Hi @cdiaz-2 

Do you use default Object List view As a list ? or different?



Because your description reminds me that the view is set to "as a featured objects list",


description in a help Link to the Help

generally only specific objects are displayed. so undoCheckout can issue that objects are not displayed in a list


Displayed objects:

• been initially selected for Add to Workspace or Check Out actions.
• been previously checked out.
• been modified, either locally or in the server-side workspace.
• drawings included for objects already selected.
• been previously opened in the CAD tool




correct i use the default "as a list" option 


when its gone i mean its gone as in "search in table" wont find it and if i do file open and use *partnumber* that doesnt find it either, its gone gone.


and just to clarify, it doesn't matter if i do undo checkout from the model tree with the files in session or if i do it from the workspace. most of the time those objects that i performed undo checkout are removed from the workspace.

Hi @cdiaz-2 

I would contact PTC Support directly.

It is weird behavior.


This sounds a bit like when an Admin does an Undo Checkout. Reference:


Is it possible that an admin is undoing some of your checkouts without notifying you?


From a workspace management perspective, I'd recommend against using the keep checkout after check-in option. 

the admin is not removing check-out, i've asked him for help and is looking for a solution, i thought i would ask around and poke around too.


our network can be slow at times and constantly rechecking-out the same items after a check-in gets pretty old pretty fast(roughly 20-30 seconds per checkout function).