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unpredictable inactive workspace results in loss of work


unpredictable inactive workspace results in loss of work

We are on WC 10.1 M040 CREO 2.0 M080, some are onother previous builds

This has caused work loss here recently to @ 6 users so far, these are the symptoms and corrective action to reactivate:

1- Pro/e will report saved successfully in the message log
2- upon checking the workspace, there is no + to display the modification/save has happened
3- open the Event Manager, there is no save recorded, check-in or upload
4- in the top of the workspace browser, Primary Active Workspace, it will display inactive, the pull down to Activate will not Activate the workspace
5- the server is still registered and online

To correct the inactivated Workspace:
1- in the workspace browser, select the "Browse"
2- go to the product and expand to show workspaces
3- here you will notice that no WS are active
4- if you try to activate your WS here it won't activate until you activate another WS then reactivate the original WS
5- go to your workspace and notice the modifications are now present and the event manager also displays the Save action

Where the loss of work happens:
1- when the WS has gone inactive if you switch workspaces or exit pro/e
2- there is no communication to the workspace so windchill does not display the saves or check-ins (if done in pro/e)

In summary:
1- when you save in pro/e make sure it happened in the workspace and in the event manager
2- do all check-in and uploads from workspace and verify that it happened


Are any of these users locking parts or assemblies in their workspace? There is a reported bug about that...

Any resolution to this? I have a user seeing this in Windchill 11 with Creo 3

We have a very similar issue here.  The solution is less than ideal, and our workaround is to switch workspaces.  That way you don't lose any work in the inactive workspace.  The process is simple:


  1. switch to any other workspace
  2. click on the workspace to dip lay it's contents
  3. switch back to the workspace you want

It's a pain, but it works. 

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