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user publishing pbkas issues


user publishing pbkas issues

I have a small windchill installation for about 20 mechanical engineers and i have 2 cadworkers. We still use manual ECO's where the Doc control ladies open the affected parts with creo view and print a pdf of each one, then attach them to an email for approval (welcome to 1997 :-)). I'm trying to convince them that we should use windchill for ECO routing but they say Windchill has issues and they don't want to do it.

one issue holding us back is about twice a month somebody triggers hundreds or thousands of publish jobs. My poor cadworkers crunch for hours and the Doc control ladies have to wait hours to manually publish the new parts so they can open them in productview.

I found CS28472 which says you can elevate manually published stuff to the High Queue with this setting

<property name="publish.publishqueue.priorities.1.1" overridable="true"&lt;/p">



Great, so i tried that and restarted windchill. The problem is that whoever trigered the 2,500 publish jobs did it manually, so that all went in the High Queue as well.

Has anyone else had this issue? how did you solve it?

CS28472 says Note: There is currently no way to change the priorities of individual jobs manually, or to set priorities per user. However, an alternate technique may be to log in as a site administrator to access the numbered PublisherQueue entries, then suspend lower priority jobs that are ahead in the queue.

is the manual suspending of the jobs my only recourse?



ps, here's my High Queue haiku

Doc control ladies

Cling to old technology

You will have to wait


With that small of a group, find out who is submitting 2500 jobs to your CADworkers and WHY??? Publish Monitor shows who submits the jobs.
Might be a simple education for that user rather than a system configuration change.

2500 entries to the publishing queue manually would take a few hours to submit. Depending on the size of your published files, they should be published in a matter of minutes each. Our largest assembly drawing takes about 35 minutes to publish. It consists of 11 E-sized sheets and about 2500 components. That is the only time I see a backup in my publishing.


I had a need here to control the priority of publishing jobs too.

Batch publish get low priority
A manual publish from the GUI get medium priority
A publish from our workflow gets high priority (we publish the creo
drawing when its state is set to released, then the resulting plt file is
automatically converted to a tiff file and then the tiff is automatically
uploaded as primary content to the WTDoc).

Your problem as I see it is that you have two types of manual publishing
going on. High priority for the Ladies in Control Docs and low or medium
for everyone else.

If everyone is publishing manually you probably need to make a tool for
the Control Doc people to publish such that when they use the tool it sets
to High priority.

The API to set priority is in the PublisherAction class.

How I see you implementing is first set default for manual to medium. Then
a custom action on the objects details page that kicks off code to publish
that object with High priority. Have the code first check to see who the
user is. If they are a Control Docs person publish with high priority. If
not, either medium of a message stating this tool is for Control Doc users

If the Control Docs people want to batch publish by entering numbers into
a field or whatever that is doable too.

I have added the option below so that people without access to the epmdoc
can still publish the WTPart. It publishes with default priority (medium)
but if I wanted high that would be very easy to do.

If you want to implement this but need help let me know.

David Graham
Windchill Developer/Administrator
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