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user rights --> move

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user rights --> move

All our normal users can't move WTParts and WTDocuments, only the admin can do this. Where can I change this?

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Re: user rights --> move

Ruben, in which contexts/domains are you creating your permissions for the Subfolder object? Are you opening the Policy Admin from the Utilities page of the target and source domains or from within Site or Org utilities? You should be opening it from the source and target utilities page.


If you can see the container (product/library/project) in your product/library/project lists then you are a member of the team.You can see which specific role you're associated with on the container's team page.



The associated domain is listed on the Manage Security page for the folder 7-9-2014+7-22-49+PM.png

To be honest, if you guys have active maintenance a tech support case may be the easiest way to resolve this. A webex could help clear up where/how the permissions are getting created.

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Re: user rights --> move

There are 3 ACL's related to move - look in Help on this. Fairly good diagrams and explanations in Windchill help. Search for, for example, "Create by Move."

Where possible, put this permission at Org level so it will apply to all Products and Libraries.

Re: user rights --> move

If Create by Move works on it's own please post and confirm. I suspect you may need to set ACL to enable a Delete permission in the outbound location.

Re: user rights --> move

I tried to change a few things in the administrative domain, but it doesn't work. I even got myself a full control and it still doesn't work. The window looks like this:


Or do I have to restart windchill to complete the changes?

Re: user rights --> move

See this

on the source folder you need modify

on the target folder you need modify

on the object being moved you need change domain, change context and create by move.

delete is not required, this action is not related to move

Don't forget also that picking one permission set automatically picks other.

Regards Darren

Re: user rights --> move

I get what I need to change, but I don't know where I can do that and how.

Forgive I just got the admin rights and I'm a newbie for this.

Re: user rights --> move

Exactly what you do depends very much on your access control stratergy. I can provide an example of one stratergy.

If you would like every participating member of every product, library and project to be able to move any type of document at any state from any folder to any other folder in any other product, library or project then you could do the following. The user must be a participating memeber of the target container team also.

In policy admin tool

Add the following to the "default organization" domain

Type - WTDocument

States - ALL

Permissions - change context, change domain, create by move, read

Roles - Context Team Role: Team Members

Type - Subfolder

Permission - modify, read

Roles - Context Team Role: Team Members

To limit this to certain types of documents then select the subtype of document instead of WTDocument.

To limit this to certain contexts then put the rules in each affected context "default domain" rather than organization default domain.

To limit this to certain roles/groups/users then create seperate rules for each affected principal instead of Team Members.

You will also need permission to read and modifify the cabinet in the target content, but you should have this already OOTB.

Regards - Darren


Re: user rights --> move

No restart needed - changes via Policy Administrator are effective immediately.

Have to go very methodically with a test user (in IE, File, New Session, launch Windchill gives a separate login for test user).

Re: user rights --> move

Hi Darren,

I tried what you said, I even tried the following:

Type - WTObject

States - All

Permission - Full control

Roles - Context team role: team members

This is the error I get when I try to move something from folder to another context and folder.

You cannot move these objects because you do not have the necessary permission to change context for one or more of its versions.

You cannot move these objects because you do not have the necessary permission to change domain for one or more of its versions.

I don't get what I do wrong.

Re: user rights --> move


  • Are absolutely sure you have states set to ALL
  • Are you definitely a participating memeber of the container team on both source and target contexts?
  • Did you also define the permissions for Subfolder on both source and target contexts. If the ACL set in domain which is a parent of both target forlders?
  • Have you got any conflicting DENY permissions in this domain or any of the affected lower domains, these would take precedent?
  • Check the domain allocated to each folders (source and target)
  • Go to the domain of the folders and generate a policy report for WTDocument and SubFolder
  • Are you using advanced lifecycles for the document? If so you may have additional permissions defined in the lifecycle template, which take precident. Check all revisions of the document share the same LC template? Different revisions can use different versions of the template or even completely different templates?