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webject to create an object in windchill using thingworx service


webject to create an object in windchill using thingworx service

My requirement is to use a webject to create windchill objects by means of thingworx service. It'll be helpful if there are any practical examples available. I'm new to windchill and thingworx.  


Hello Saran,


I am a Windchill guy so I can comment from Windchill side. You can use below webject to create WTPart (one of the windchill object):

I am not sure how this webject can be used from ThingWorx to communicate with Windchill. Apologize for that.


<!-- Query Product create objects in specific product -->

<ie:webject name="Query-Objects" type="OBJ">
    <ie:param name="INSTANCE" data="$(properties[0][0])"/>
    <ie:param name="ATTRIBUTE" data="name"/>
    <ie:param name="GROUP_OUT" data="container"/>
    <ie:param name="WHERE" data="name='CustomizationTraining17'"/>
	<ie:param name="TYPE" data="wt.inf.container.WTContainer"/>

<ie:webject name="Create-Objects" type="ACT">
    <ie:param name="INSTANCE" data="$(properties[0][0])"/>
    <ie:param name="ATTRIBUTE" data="name,number" delim=","/>
    <ie:param name="GROUP_OUT" data="parts"/>
    <ie:param name="TYPE" data="wt.part.WTPart"/>
	<ie:param name="FIELD" data="folder='/Default'"/>
    <ie:param name="CONTAINER_REF" data="${container[0]obid[0]}"/>
	<ie:param name="FIELD" data="name='<%=var%>'"/>	
	<ie:param name="FIELD" data="folder='/Default'"/>


I hope you found this webject example useful.




Hi Shirish,

Thanks for your reply. I'm a beginner in Thingworx too. I'm working out some examples given in the Windchill Extension (for thingworx) Guide.

* The ExecuteTask service takes as arguments an InfoTable of IEProperty
* DataShape defining the tasks parameters, a String defining the URI of
* the task to execute, and an optional InfoTable defining objects to use as
* the tasks input group. For this task, define the parameters and the task URI
/* construct the InfoTable defining the parameters */
var params = {
infoTableName : "InfoTable",
dataShapeName : "IEProperty"
var inputParams = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].CreateInfoTableFromDataShape(params);
/* IEProperty DataShape has the fields name and value */
name: 'name', //this is the name of the parameter
value: name //and it's value - which is the argument to this service
/* now call the ExecuteTask service */
var params = {
params: inputParams,
dataShape: 'WNCObjectDS', //replace with name of your data shape
uri: 'com/ptc/windchill/example/queryPartByName.xml', //task to invoke
objects: undefined //task does not take input group of objects; leave undefined
var result = me.ExecuteTask(params);


Here you can see that the webjects location is used to somehow create the connection between TWX and Windchill. Hope i have shed some light on your doubt. I have attached the guide for your reference.


Thanks and Regard,


Any news on this?

Hi @gbirnzain

I used a Navigate Extension service to create a windchill object instead of using a webject