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I am trying to add surface finish specification to selected surfaces of a model so that the surface finisk specification [dimension] wil display on the 2 d draft drawing. I am told to do this when working in the part model by the following method. Go to main menue, insert annotations, [from drop down menue] select surface finish. Pro E gives window then : I try to follow the instructions to select surfaces/ including them in the references field/ editing the "roughness height" and am unsuccessful at getting the surface finish to appear in the model. I have tried many combinations and still unsuccessful. I can't believe how complicated this needs to be just to apply a simple surface finish note. I was able to get "annotation icon to populate the tree. Thought I was getting close. Tried to do edit and got lost in various tabs [parameters ect] that seem way to complicated for something so simple as surface finish. Why so complex? Will someone please tell me the secret of navigating this mase?? Thanks for the help Frank Oellig

why can't u just add a symbol in the drawing? Carlos

i just used ur instructions since i've never done it this way and it worked fine for me... weird. give me a ring if u like, well if ur in the US.. lol under "references" i picked my surface i want my surface finish note on, then under placement i selected type = on entity, and selected the same surface as the references surface, after selecting the surface u can middle mouse click and then the ok button shows itself, and then u done... Carlos 803.334.8674

same thing with carlos. i just followed your instruction. it worked out well. now i know how to insert surface finish symbol. you can try it for yourself.

In CREO 5, I am attempting to specify a surface finish symbol to the inside surface of a hole.


1. I have applied the surface finish symbol to the model (everything is getting very MBD now, so I did not apply the symbol to the drawing).

2. I have shown the symbol in the drawing.

3. How do I edit the leader to attach it to the witness line of the hole diameter dimension?

4. Where is the 'all around' modifier in the symbol dialogue box?


Thank you.


OK, after many hours of silence from the community, I have wrestled through this and here is my conclusion:

1. you have to show the surface roughness symbol in the drawing as i mentioned.

2. you click the leader, edit attachment, click the diameter witness line, thennnnn click the geometry of the hole.  since the hole is shown on the drawing as 2D, you must click the edge of the hole along its length.

3. remove the arrow head if needed

4. then massage the silly thing until it no longer looks stupid in its default position.

5. regarding the all-around symbol modifier; there may be one, but since it is a hole, I think it is implied.  Good enough in the realm of CREO i think.

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