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Advanced Rendering Extension


Advanced Rendering Extension

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why companies invest significant time and money into building a physical proto­type that can be photographed for use in marketing materials or consumer testing.


Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Rendering Extension (ARX) allows you to produce photorealistic 3D product images for use in design reviews, marketing collateral, technical documentation, user manuals, and product packaging–without having to build a prototype. And, as your design concept changes and evolves, you can easily update your images without creating a new prototype, thus reducing costs significantly.

With Pro/ENGINEER ARX, you can render images faster, with amazing realism. Simply select a specific material and apply photo-quality properties like a smooth, glossy finish or a rough, matte finish. You can represent the product‘s intended environment more realistically with Pro/ENGINEER ARX than with any other application.

You now have the flexibility to create the perfect effect with the power to directly manipulate the lighting through 360° of rotation. You can also create a suitable environment for the product to be rendered in, for example, an outdoor scene or an office desktop. Additionally, you can apply special effects like textures, reflections, shadows and depth of field to enhance the final image. These advanced capabilities not only create images that impress consumers, but they also give you back time to optimize your design, and more budget to produce collateral that will generate both sales revenue and excitement around your product.

Faster Design Reviews, More Impressive Documentation


With photorealistic images of the product in its actual environment, design reviews are much faster, and generate more enthusiasm. 3D-rendered images can also be used for consumer testing, and for tailoring the product and product launch to ensure success–at a significantly lower cost. High-quality images can also be used in technical publications, such as product documentation, white papers and user manuals.

Pro/ENGINEER ARX will enable your product to break into the market­place, not only with accurate promotional material, but with stunning visuals showcasing all aspects of the product.

Key Benefits

  • Improve communication via better product presentation and collateral   for design, marketing, training, and customer-facing materials
  • Increase time for creativity–decrease time waiting for rendering
  • Achieve the highest degree of photorealism for designs
  • Reduce product costs and increase efficiencies in detecting design   issues, so changes can be made before costly prototypes are built

New in Wildfire 5.0:

  • New Appearance and Scene Library entries, simulating real world materials.
  • Shadow Catcher Support added
  • New Appearance Classes, improved workflow and usability
  • Photo Render engine changed to Mental Ray for more realistic images
  • Skylighting has been added to give an even distribution of light
  • Environmental Lighting, you can render models using only HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) as a light source
  • Light Source Color Temperature control
  • Illuminance Units added
  • Rendering Scene File. You can create scene files containing the lighting, room, and advanced rendering environment effects
  • Direct Light Manipulation
  • The Appearance editor now allows full editing of the advanced (PhotoLux) material properties
  • LightWorks Material Archives (LWA) is supported

Features and Specifications:

Advanced Lighting Capabilities

  • Simulate a wide range of lighting, such as spotlight, skylight and distant light
  • Enhance lighting with High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) support
  • Vary shadow softness of each light, for example, by simulating sunlight
  • Enable light attenuation for real-world simulation of light fall off
  • Vary the intensity of each light to take into account other lights in the scene
  • Increase graphical realism by showing soft shadows of your product on the floor and reflections
  • Supports caustics, final gathering and global illumination
  • Offers physical correct lighting with color temperature and wattage inputs

Simulate a Wide Range of Materials

  • Apply both image maps and procedural maps to a model
  • Utilize bump maps to create relief and to represent material texture
  • Use decal maps when applying an image on the surface, such as   a company logo
  • Determine the finish of the material–lacquer, satin or shiny
  • Access a standard library of over 200 predefined material types
  • Use dynamic
  • texture placement to precisely map materials and   finishes to surfaces

Define the Product Environment

  • Set the floor, wall and ceiling position, and apply the appearance scheme or use an HDRI image to generate the environment, lighting and/or background
  • Snap the floor, walls or ceiling to the model
  • Choose a cylindrical or rectangular room
  • Use real-time rendering to view the room
  • Reuse predefined settings across multiple models, such as lights, rooms and effects


Special Effects

  • Global Illumination
  • Depth of field
  • Lens flare  (best suited for point lights)
  • Light scatter
  • Region rendering
  • Shadow control
  • Color temperature
  • Tone mapping  

Language Support

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese  (Simplified and Traditional) and Korean

Platform Requirements (consult

Microsoft Windows (7, Vista and XP,  32 & 64bit)

UNIX platforms (Solaris 10 64bit)

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There some LMS or tutorials about ARX?

Hi Camilo,

If you go to the original thread, you will find several tutorials at the bottom for you to download.

Hope this helps.

Oh thanks!

Hi I've been tried all this month to get a free license to thech Creo Elements/pro (formerly ProEngineer wildfire 5.0) in a new school, unfortunately I have not get the answer that I hope, I already apply on survay offer by PTC education program but with no succseed.

I also ask for the price of Creo elemnts/pro advanced editon (formerly Proengineer wildfire 5.0) at - but I receive the same not useful answer. I want to open new school here at tecate to teach Creo Elements/pro, could some one help me to find the correct contac at who can give me the price so that I can buy a licence and software to theach Creo Elements/pro.

I alredy try to look this answer at PTC Education program is there other place at PTC that can realy give me the help that I need.

thank you very much.

thank you very much in advanced.